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Thanks for the ping!

cc /u/loki88 I'd like to see your stuff. Within 2021 I hope to start a webstore, including SaidIt merch.

I don't know why /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr didn't use the icon (just the "S" in a speech bubble) for anything. I also don't know why the SaidIt favicon switches between two older versions.

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I also don't know why the SaidIt favicon switches between two older versions.

That's a feature for your visual stimulation. You're welcome.

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Could you add a third or more?


Or I could make some custom.

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It's a mistake, more than one is asking for trouble. Nice though, this would look better.

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Thank you very much!

So the small stuff in the right of the speech bubble says ".net"! Boy, the logo in the banner needs some serious re-scaling! As a token of gratitude, here is a re-scaled version where one can actually decipher the ".net".

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The ".net" was never meant to be too pronounced, yet there to remind people it's not a ".com".

I can read both the banner and yours equally.

If we wanted ultimate clarity we'd have M7 lock in the header scale and replace the "net" with a crystal clear pixel version without aliasing.

I don't know what your plans are for the logo, but it makes me regret not starting a gallery of the uses and abuses of it thus far.

Maybe we/I should do a call out for submissions, past, present, and future.

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The comicbook speech bubble would look awesome on a hat.

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Noted. In 2021 I plan to start an online store.