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I agree, down-votes are the equivalent of censorship, just from the bottom up rather than top down, and this was a huge problem on Reddit and Voat, which became left-wing and right-wing echo chambers respectively. Saidit is still dominated by the right, but to a much lesser extent than Voat and Ruqqus, and that's partially due to the voting system.

Good for us: there's no intention on ever changing the vote system — it's an integral part of what makes Saidit unique, and vital for its success as a platform.

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Yeah I love it, totally a unique thing that keeps me here

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Saidit is still dominated by the right,

And there was me thinking it is infested with leftists. Unless you mean 'the right' has better arguments...

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It's majority right-wing, to clarify. I'm not sure how much that majority is, but I'm fairly certain the right-wing makes up at least fifty-one percent of the user base.

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If you lump libertarian into right wing too, then sure. There have always been dedicated cool lefties here though too, thanks providence.

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In 2021 I find it pretty difficult differentiating between left and right. Against racism and sexism, hate megacorps trying to control your life and worried about manipulation by the mainstream media? Well that's obviously right wing! (Wait...what?)

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The left has more in common with the far than either do with the center.

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The whole "right" and "left" paradigm is just another propaganda tool used to divide us. I'm happy to engage with all kinds of different opinions as long as everyone is respectful and keeps an open mind.

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I don't like using it, to be honest, it has a lot of problems. Class and nationality seem to be better ways to divide up society — for example: the struggle in US politics is not between the left and the right, but rather between the People and the Elite, and the North and the South.

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I do, I lump them in with the right-wing so long as they have right-wing economic views, but I don't usually consider them far-right, unless they subscribe to an Anarchist view.

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the issue is most rights have one account, the lefties live in their g-mas basements and make MULTIPLE alt accounts to praise their own comments.

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They sure as hell do that. That Cher guy made, like, eighty accounts and counting.

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This place is swimming with trump terrorists

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just from the bottom up

What makes you think the vote counts are real? Reddit can put whatever vote count they want.

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and take away. Ive watched it happen and seen my "karma" get dissolved instantly lol

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Yeah, and they do manipulate votes, but I didn't say that in relation to Reddit, but rather in relation to the system as a concept.

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Reddit's "downvotes to oblivion" are rage inducing but one thing I noticed, people look at downvoted comments. And it's one of the easiest ways to get visibility. Lot simpler to piss people off than make them happy.

I came to see it as a tool. No publicity is bad publicity, right?

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In the last couple years I used reddit, I'd skim the top few comments of a page, then skip right to the bottom to see the non-hive takes. Anything hidden because of score definitely got me to click it open.

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Don't worry, it's not changing. No chance at all.

Glad you like it and see that downvotes have become a censorship tool on reddit. When one person can create 1000 accounts, that person can censor anything. Having no downvotes guarantees if something is good, it will have the ability to be seen and cannot be censored in this way.

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Speaking of censorship, why did you remove my post on s/fascism ?

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Because it breaks site rules. This isn't voat.

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If you don't like what you see and disagree, express your opinion in the form of a civilised comment!

Downvotes tells the poster nothing, so they can't improve/know why.

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That is why Reddit got rid of the "sort by vote low to high", because it would bring to the top all the stuff they were trying to bury. People learned how to find out that they were shadow banned and make posts about it, exposing Reddits propaganda. By using manipulation of vote counts they could burry the comment to where no one would ever see it. There is no way to prove that the vote counts were manipulated. The problem then became that those comments were all still easily accessible with this tool. So they got rid of it.

You can still pull up "controversial comments" but those are not the ones they are afraid of. It's the ones they burry with nothing but downvotes.

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that's right, for a while i was reading Spezzit by controversial first. It's a hell of a ride.

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Now if only people actually used this website 😂😂😂😂

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    You can report it on /s/saiditcleanup or pm magnora7

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    I caught myself yesterday wishing there was a downvote but then realized meh, the lefties would like that too much. Me not liking you is more than enough for me.

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    I'd downvote you for this if I could and I don't usually downvote people for anything.

    One of the many problems with reddit is that people

    that people

    People did that. Let's be clear about it. It doesn't whether there is a downvote button or not, people did that. FIX YOU not the tools.

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    ehh kind of soy and snowflake to worry about downvotes

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    Definitely, it seems equivalent of positive reinforcement. No need to focus at all on bad content, just let it sink.

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    I like getting downvotes from Nazis.

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    Not having downvotes - or another way of indicating crap content - is really bad imo. I have logged in to post this but have not posted or logged for months.

    There is so much garbage even on the front page. Then so much spam. And both voting options basically mean the same.

    I think it's a dumb move and it is keeping me off the platform (well also the big right wing majority, and the people constantly talking about only jews.).

    I thought it was dumb when DIGG removed downvotes. And it was the beginning of the end of Digg. Reddit tried it, and then sort of shadow banned the downvote button.

    Why not have two downvote buttons instead? One that means "crap content". Another that means I disagree with this post / dislike the opinion or "facts" presented.

    This inability to give negative critique is basically creating a bit of an SJW safespace. You need negative critique to have robust content, and a living conversation about it.

    But if you have downvotes, upvotes, smilies, whatever, at least I can have an idea how the local opinion is on the post. Then I can see for myself what I think about it. But the whole reason for using any of the three platforms, is that I want to know which things the users/hive floats to the top.

    With having only positive feedback options this main use for me, is just not available.

    Then people argue here that it is better to post critique in the comments... Sorry if some idiot or scammer is squatting the front page, I'm not going to reward them by commenting on their disinformation or BS. As magnora and others here have told me, the only way to boycott such posts is to ignore them. The whole thing is a sad mechanic.

    And this is why I haven't logged in for months and mostly stopped using the site. Why bother logging in if I'm not going to vote in any meaningful way. So I just have a look every week or two, see if there is anything interesting (barely) and off again.

    Still waiting for a platform with reasonable free speech that isn't safespacified. But then I've been waiting for that since Digg withered and died.

    And anyone who doesn't remember DIGG... So sorry you never knew the internet when it was still cool. It kinda died together with Aaron Schwartz.

    //How nice to see nearly all agreeing here... or maybe it's become a safe echo chamber already?

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    could this be spam...?