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Do moderators usually get notified (Edit: other than through the mod log) when their subs get taken off of /s/all?

If they don't: Hey /u/Markimus, /u/disidentHR, and /u/rightm, I just wanted to let you know that /s/Fascism has been taken off of /s/all. See this post.

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Hey, thanks for pinging us!

/u/magnora7 I think the decision is fair, we wouldn't want our community to devolve into "Hitler was a racist", "Fascism is pure evil" and billion other talking points we've all heard from Hollywood movies, celebrities, late night comedians, etc.

I don't even agree with "wiping out" rabbis or jews, as OP has stated in his comment, and now THIS GUY has the audacity to call to ban OUR community.

We will write rules some day in future, but as you can see, we didn't have much time to get around tidying the place up.

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nah, thank god though. being visible to the cretins that infest this site is a curse i wouldnt wish on anyone. much rather be able to quality control to select away trolls and schizophrenics

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