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nein go to reddit if you want more ban

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They're removing people who are having discussions in good faith, so I just took them off of /all as per site rules regarding moderators

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The 2 users in question /u/16Mega and /u/fschmidt, let's look at where their comments fit on your pyramid, eh?

Firstly we will take 16mega, he has a comment in ironleft where he's using a jewish slur for non-jews 'goy/goyim' which basically means non jews are dirty, cattle etc. Notice how fschmidt also uses this board, they were coordinating a brigade of trolling as a pair of jews defending jewish power, capitalism and liberalism. (EDIT ALSO IN THIS THREAD IS /U/LOKI88. ANOTHER MEMBER OF THIS PARTICULAR JEWISH CELL THAT COORDINATES TO CENSOR ONLINE SPACES.)

Now let's look at what his comments were in our sub that you claim are 'good faith':

1) This comment is fine, he's just twisting facts in a weird nonsensical way to fit his narrative, I reply clearing away the nonsense from his comment to give the full context of what he's talking about and he responds with this

2) Very obviously just trolling, the comment says nothing he's just posting substanceless snark and insults. Where does this fall on your pyramid, explain how this is good faith discussion. I'm really interested to hear this.

Now let's move on to the second brigading jew, fschmidt. FYI this guy used to do this on reddit too, he's an activist jew who dedicates his entire life to defending capitalism, liberalism and jewish power from anyone who dares critique any of them and he's been doing it for years. Let's take a look at his 'good faith' comments shall we?

1) 'Hitler lost because he's racist' is this a serious comment? Logistics, economy, technology, geography, weather, morale, training, strategy, tactics and every other factor that goes into determining war efforts should just be ignored yes? He's participating in total good faith. Someone should tell Carl von Clausewitz and Napoleon about this, you win war by being anti-racist everything else doesn't matter. The only reason Hitler lost is because he was racist!!!!!! Go on, explain to me how this is in good faith, I'd love to hear what bullshit you can come up with.

2) He again asserts this nonsensical claim that Hitler lost because 'he was racist' only. Clearly trolling, after replying again pointing out how this is nonsense he just insults me

3) Go on /u/magnora7 you lying twerp explain how this is good faith discussion. Show me where on the pyramid this comment touches you.

Conclusion: we got brigaded by two jews who were literally just blatantly trolling. They got banned because their comments weren't even close to having any substance whatsoever and then you took their side and lied about how they are actually good users and I'm just some meanie who likes censoring people for no reason.

FYI there's 2 users (AcceleratedWallops and noseburp) in that thread who were borderline trolling/being retarded who didn't get banned, how do you explain that if I'm just censorious? It's very clear you are are either full of shit or didn't bother to actually look into this. Now with this comment you have the necessary information and no excuse and are faced with two choices: admit you are just a fraud with no principles or admit your mistake and oversight to these organised jews launching an attack on your own site and userbase.

Edit: By the way, I'd actually prefer to be off /r/all as I mentioned earlier because your userbase is fully retarded. However, I don't appreciate you blatantly lying and acting dishonourably. Nor do I appreciate you capitulating to jewish terrorists launching attacks on your own website, you are a coward for this. How can anyone have any confidence in your website when the second you see a jew you shit your pants and do whatever they say like Jason Spencer did with Sacha Baron Cohen when he thought he was an Israeli? If you lack the backbone to say no to any request of literally any jew there's no way your site will survive because eventually one will ask you to close your servers and you'll just say yes.

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Man, you have a thin grip on reality. But I will respond anyway.

I doubt 16mega and I agree on much. I just saw his post about /s/Fascism, and since it was relevant to what I just experienced, I commented on it. I don't expect to be an active member of his sub.

he's an activist jew who dedicates his entire life to defending capitalism, liberalism and jewish power from anyone who dares critique any of them and he's been doing it for years.

That's hilarious. Here is my reddit profile. I have been attacking liberalism and jewish power for years.

Then you move into debate, a debate you weren't willing to have in your sub. But I can debate you anywhere.

you win war by being anti-racist everything else doesn't matter.

I didn't say this. In war, everything matters. Get one critical thing wrong and you lose. And the critical thing that Hitler got wrong was racism.

He again asserts this nonsensical claim

No, I answered your question and explained why. Any reasonable person can read through the thread and see what really happened.

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There is no debate. 'Racism' clearly isn't a factor in warfare, you are just trolling and you've been doing it for years while trying to get every place banned that doesn't bend the knee to jew power. And no, you don't attack jewish power. You do anti-religious judaism bullshit, religious jews are literally irrelevant in the context of the jewish question.

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Racism is a factor if it causes you to fail to take advantage of talent that could support the war effort. And that is exactly what happened here. As I explained, and you failed to understand, the Hungarian racial jews who developed the atomic bomb could have developed it for the German side if Hitler hadn't been racist.

I very rarely call for any place to be banned. But you failed to explain your moderation policies in your sidebar and this is misleading based on the nature of SaidIt. You should fix this.

Jewish power is entirely based on the teaching of the Talmud. Presumably you don't understand this because you know nothing about Judaism.

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I very rarely call for any place to be banned. But you failed to explain your moderation policies in your sidebar and this is misleading based on the nature of SaidIt. You should fix this.

Trolling and brigading are universally against the rules of literally every board on every forum ever dummy. You've been around for years doing these things so you should know this by now.

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I had no idea this was coordinated at all, good call honestly.

It's so hard to keep track of who's legitimate user, and who's brigading troll.

/u/magnora7 should definitely get this into context. We did have similar users on Reddit too, and they would never stop, so ban + mute worked the best.

And again, this very post doesn't imply comments on our board were in good faith at all, because he seeks outright ban. Totally normal behavior guys, this guy totally doesn't have any ulterior motives :)))

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    Where's the irony? Initially I was dubious of this decision, but now after learning these facts it's completely justified.

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        Never said you weren't?

        So how is 2 people replying to a comment thread THAT WE GOT SUMMONED TO LMAO 'more reason to believe' that we are engaging in some coordinated effort to brigade this thread than you and your buddy showing up out of the blue brigading our board?

        BTW, nice moving the discussion up the pyramid there. Again: the irony. 😔

        Yes, everyone should continue acting like normal people whilst you continually act as a grotesque subhuman. If you acted like you do online in real life you'd get beaten up daily by anyone you came into contact with, shut the fuck up.

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          You are playing obtuse. Stop with the damn emojis.

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          Emoji spam too childish btw, hard to take you seriously

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          Did reddit ban leftism too?

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            Snark and WORDS WORDS WORDS doesn't impress anyone, Mr. Shapiro.

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            Do moderators usually get notified (Edit: other than through the mod log) when their subs get taken off of /s/all?

            If they don't: Hey /u/Markimus, /u/disidentHR, and /u/rightm, I just wanted to let you know that /s/Fascism has been taken off of /s/all. See this post.

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            Hey, thanks for pinging us!

            /u/magnora7 I think the decision is fair, we wouldn't want our community to devolve into "Hitler was a racist", "Fascism is pure evil" and billion other talking points we've all heard from Hollywood movies, celebrities, late night comedians, etc.

            I don't even agree with "wiping out" rabbis or jews, as OP has stated in his comment, and now THIS GUY has the audacity to call to ban OUR community.

            We will write rules some day in future, but as you can see, we didn't have much time to get around tidying the place up.

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            nah, thank god though. being visible to the cretins that infest this site is a curse i wouldnt wish on anyone. much rather be able to quality control to select away trolls and schizophrenics

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            yea bro literally flinging insults and mindless talking points backed up with ZERO substance is totally 'good faith'. you are as low iq as the average user here, thanks for quality controlling your retarded userbase for me though. good riddance to these animals you've managed to tardwrangle.

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            Dammit, I use /all and I kind of like that saidit. That and ironleft are the spice on chicken tendies.

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            Well you can browse if you really want it in the mix

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            That just seems silly. As in I have to add an extra step to see something benign instead of blocking something I don't want to see but whatever.

            While looking for my own answer, thinking that if I subscribed to fascism, I could bypass your elimination of it from /all I found a crapload of saidits not listed by all. AND THEY WERE THE GOOD ONES, lol. You're hiding "the good saidits".

            It's your site, you do what you want but currently it just seems counterintuitive to what your site claims. Sort of like classifying a post as spam when it's just an opinion that disagrees with your own.

            That's the thing about people, if you watch, and wait long enough, they'll show you their true colors.

            Edit: oh, but thanks for the answer and the option though. I appreciate it.

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            Hey update on this old friend.

   one of these people fschmidt, loki88, mega16 and diogenesjunior who knows which but it looks like they continued doing their tricks elsewhere on your site and got themselves banned and now they're impersonating JasonCarswell and continuing to attack your site.

            Please in the future for the sake of every user on this site use a bit more due diligence to assess these kinds of situations. It's very clear they were trolling from the start and I laid it all out for you. You should trust me in the future mate, I have a lot of experience dealing with jewish forum trolls after running dissident subreddits with tens of thousands of monthly uniques.

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            Hey, long time no see. I've been suspicious for a long time, but I didn't want to alienate users and over-moderate in a place that's designed around escaping the censorship of reddit. It's a tough line to walk, but another forum would have different rules.

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            now they're impersonating JasonCarswell

            But he has a different name. Don't true impersonators use identically looking symbols with different code?

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            Well it's clear they're not trying to pass as that guy to smear him or something, they just chose his name because he's a big user on this site and maybe he annoyed one of them or something who knows.

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            Bro, we're here to avoid censorship.

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            No U.

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              Already happened.

              re: You've been banned from participating in /s/centrism from TheAmeliaMay[A] via /s/centrism sent 1 day ago s/centrism is for discussion about centrism, not for spam.

              Here's "the spam" they're talking about. You'll notice that TheAmeliaMay deleted it's comment.

              Don't misunderstand, I'm not crying about it like a little bitch, I could give a fuck less whether I'm "banned" from whatever saidit, but when I'm having an honest conversation, taking the time to explain the misconceptions or errors the poster is making, it's not "spam". But that's what I got banned for.

              So yeah, if you're the site admin and someone comes along and makes you look stupid, you can just ban them from the saidit for whatever reason.

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              Amelia is easy to trigger.

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              I won't lie, it was fun.

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              I never meant to do it in the first place, but after the first time of accidentally doing it, I realized that user is off their rocker. I don't mind poking at people.

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              Yeah... your post looks like low effort spam to me, buddy.

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              Spam Definition & Meaning- Spam is unsolicited Internet content that is typically sent in bulk for advertising purposes from an unknown sender. Spam is sometimes defined more broadly as any unsolicited email.

              Just because you disagree or don't understand something does not make it spam moron.

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              It was a needless and unhelpful rant, not a well thought out point or question. That would fall under the broad term of spam.

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              I guess if I felt that fuel taxes levied on the American people were fair then when someone told me that there was a better way that I'd feel it was spam too. lol.

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              I have absolutely no thoughts or cares on the matter you were talking about. But it was clear to see your post contributed nothing. It was literally just an accusation against some group with no follow up argument or proper explanation. It was just a sweeping generalisation that seemed like you were just trying to be combative and troll people rather than being open to discussion.

              I'd have removed that type of post from any sub regardless of whether I agreed with it or not.

              No matter the subject it's just such a poor

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                That's your misconception, not mine. And to be fair to me I'm not sure how you can judge from only one side of the conversation because the other side deleted its post.

                In fact, I don't see how you could even suggest that just by what I posted.

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                  To be fair, the jews did do it.

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                  Explain what needs to be done. What rule did we break? Opposing liberalism, capitalism and jewish power isn't allowed here? Banning brigading trolls that obviously aren't participating in good faith is punishable? So we're supposed to just allow organised jewish terrorists to destroy our spaces? What a joke.

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                    So you think saying the sole reason Germany lost the second world war is because 'hitler was a big meanie racist' isn't trolling?

                    So if I say to you that the only reason Hillary Clinton wasn't president is because she doesn't take baths on tuesdays you will accept that I'm not trolling you? Ok bro

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                      So you were just randomly saying we should be punished without even bothering to look at the trolling he was doing? Good job retard

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                        I think that some action needs to be taken, but not banning. How different would it be if a prolific user called for a sub to be banned, and the admins fulfilled the request?

                        You literally did say we should be punished, so are you claiming you did actually look into what he was saying? And you think that him making the claim Germany lost a war because Hitler was a racist meanie is not trolling? Why not just admit you didn't bother to look at the comments instead of doing this nonsensical squirming? It's just stupid.

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                          Do you know the meaning of the word punishment? Removal from /r/all is a punishment for the crime of banning trolls.

                          You are doing ridiculous mental gymnastics because of your own insecurity, kinda cringe bro

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                          Frankly I'm impressed s/fascism is actually trying to enact the full scope of a fascist state in their little sub and aren't just a bunch of edgy teens whining about their parents telling them to clean their rooms.

                          How long before the mod gets strung up with piano wire?

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                          did you say something anti-semitic or pro-semeitic ?

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                          You can follow the link. I said something anti-judaism but I don't care about race. Jews (followers of Judaism) always call me an anti-semite which is odd since I am racially jewish.

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                          Oh wow that looks like a sub I could join and have great discussions at. Thank you for bringing this up.