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You can, but it lets everyone know you're a douchebag.

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Not too fun saying it here... I liked doing it on reddit where they'd shit their pants o'er it. Here no one cares but you have to admit, saying nigger is at least a little funny

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You don't have to admit that, and it's not funny; it's a form of hatred (given it's usage in the treatment of slaves and relatives of former slaves). Let's say someone sells you into slavery (which can still happen), and you enjoy that life for a while. Then see how you feel about how funny the term is to you.

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Well the word "nigger" comes from the word "negro" in spanish and portuguese which comes from the word "nigrum" in latin, which means black/dark, and "negro" is even the politically correct term used to refer to black people in Spain and Portugal. Nigger ; Negro ; Niger River ; Niger ; Nigeria

Although I understand that culturally in the USA it was a term used with a bad connotation and thus, is offensive.

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The significance of anything is its relation to its context.

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so deep man. your virtuousness is exemplary.

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Slavery is slavery whether you call the slaves kangz or niggers lol

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Are you mocking reddit users?

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Slavery existed for thousands of years. Jews sold Christians into slavery, Templars and Catholic soldiers did the the same unto Jews. The British crown shipped the Irish off to the Virginia companies to work on their incorporated farms. Blacks sold fellow blacks into slavery, wealthy Jews bought them and sold them to wealthy southeners.

Slavery was a money maker.

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And none of those people and their relatives have wanted to be referred to with ethnic slurs:

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we got a live one here !

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Nice name. Nigger.

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I never used slurs.

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niggers say nigger all the time. you're not making sense.

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Why do you not know the difference between the object of an ethnic slur and its source?

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Why are you so concerned about niggers? Do you object to other phrases and or so-called slurs?

Take your virtue signaling and stick it up your ass.

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So you're saying that you don't know the difference...

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So you're saying you don't like people saying nigger, faggot, or kike. And you assume your opinion matters to people who do use such terms (except actual niggers, faggots, and kikes).

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If especially our contributions to society must include hatred, and thus equally beneficial would be suicide

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Hatred is relative. Are you defensive against hatred towards whites, or men? Or are you an SJW loser with no moral compass whatsoever?

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Actually it's a completely reasonable response to the horrifying modern reality of black oppression of White people through unchecked violence.

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I think it is 'funny' for repressed whites who have to listen to niggers saying 'nigger nigger' in music all the time, but who are banned from using the word themselves.

Once you get down to the politics of the situation, the nigger story stops being funny at all, and we start to see the programmed destruction of white culture, at the hands of low IQ, high impulse/violence/rape driven subhumans.

Saying 'nigger' is then racist, violent and justified

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We can still call you a nigger faggot just for shits tho.

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Generally here people use their big boy words.

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*anthropocene extinction species

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Another imbecile blocked :)

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      You'd be surprised at what you can learn from someone you don't want to hear. But you have to be mature enough to understand that concept, which makes it unaccessible to many people.

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      Well that was condescending, and impractical in this situation. Tell me shitface, did you give equal TV time or web time to both trump and biden, listen carefully to what each said? Did you simply ignore them both? What you say is correct in principle but in the real world where we have limited time at our disposal it just doesn't pan out. Sometimes you have to make a value judgement based on your own experience with people in this world.

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      I don't really listen to either of them. But I believe Trump 1000% more than anything Biden says.

      The only thing I believe from Biden are his "gaffes". Like the time he said "we build the largest voter fraud organization in the world". Or the time he said "don't assume I'm not corrupt". Or the time he said "I told the Ukranian president if he didn't fire Hunter's prosecutor in six hours, he wasn't getting the $1B."

      So as you may surmise, my experience Biden and his ilk has lowered my expectations rock bottom. And by "his ilk", I'm talking a very large swath of people. But I'm not lost on their line of thinking because I used to be one of them.

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      Agreed on Biden, but... Trump was a successful reality television actor, and highlights (lowlights?) from his life before president are pretty unsavory. The incest with Ivanka thing. The cheating and grifting. Hanging out with Epstein. The list is long.

      I understand the desire to believe his words by conservatives, and he's able to deliver them in a convincing manner. "Bu... But, the only other choice is Biden!"

      Yep, that's why they only give you two choices. Puppet A, or Puppet B. You don't have to endorse Biden to objectively look at the results of 4 years of Trump. Our economy has been destroyed. People are losing their homes and businesses. Meanwhile, Trump is sending $7000 per minute to Israel.

      The whole thing is rigged from the top, and none of them are innocent.

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      We disagree about Trump, particularly the "unsavory" elements. I'm not going to defend him or list his accomplishments and explain why he's the greatest president in a long time. But I could.

      I'm not a gullible doofus like many voters, but Biden and the Democrats committed massive voter fraud, and that will never be forgotten. There is evil creeping on our doorstep, and if Biden is inaugurated, the future is dark indeed. Best to get right with God in either case.

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      I'm also disinclined to argue the point, but thought the same until he reneged the day after the election, and revealed hillary and bill "are wonderful people" who aren't going to jail.

      Our difference is that I believe the evil entered our house long ago. Otherwise agree.

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      Well I'm not saying evil hasn't been lurking for a long time now. But it's coming to the surface and is undeniable to anyone paying the slightest bit attention.

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      That sounds pretty anti-semitic.

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      I thought it sounded pretty anti-joo myself?

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      One or the other. I didn't give any time to either, from your above comment. But in the spirit of this post, here's a comic I saved:

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      Well I like it! And since after my second ban from a second sub I deleted my account over there so I wont be going back. But just because I block someone 'openly' don't assume it's intolerance due to their views, I just have no time for drivel and now and then I point that out. But I'm no anti semite, I couldn't give a fuck about them, they are thousands of miles away and what happens there is about as interesting to me as what happens in the US. But there is a big joo conspiracy cadre here so I engage with them from time to time else there would be no one else to talk too.

      Here, this is how the aussies race cars. action from 2:23

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      they are thousands of miles away

      True, Washington is crawling with them, but they're here too. I don't have the energy or interest in obsessing over them, but when you look, they own or control most of our societies. It's where the "every single time" meme came from.

      Not just them, of course. "jews and their associates" Look at it too closely and normal life becomes difficult.

      That race looks fun. Used to have a 1970 1/2 Z-28 race car as a kid. Lots of engine work and such. Fun times.

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      that makes too much sense for people with thinskin.

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        Gave you a fun upvote :)

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            I think he's talking about the site in general, not himself. Just because this site is for freedom of speech, doesn't mean it must turn into a shit hole. It's posts like this that have censorship advocates going "See? I told you so!"

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              I donated close to $800 to voat to help get it started.

              Thank you for your generosity

              Then these very immature children took voat over and turned it into a steaming pile of dogshit

              I'm sorry to hear that. There seems to be a tendency, without strict moderation, for social media to regress. I am hoping it doesn't happen here.

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              That's the last thing I want to see happen to this platform. There's already have a 4chan, and we don't need dozens more. Why can't assholes just go where they're welcome?

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              That actually only happened after the Qtards invaded. Any 'adults' who had left before that were reddit sjw types.

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              I want more users on the site. The nazis stuff and the over the top edgelord stuff is off putting to normal people.

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              But imagine being around normal people. Might as well be on reddit.

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              Ehh. I miss some normalcy. I'd still be on reddit if I didn't have a mass super ban where VPNs aren't doing it and any account on devices I own isn't shadow banned.

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              Dang, San Francisco syndrome? Reddit is pure propaganda, and has been for years. I'm thankful for however they block devices, or I might have stayed back in 2015.

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              It still has topics that aren't political. Just unfortunately controlled by hyper political people.

              This site has that, it just doesn't have the users to have content outside politics.

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              Are they detecting you through the VPN? That's weird.

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              normal people need to accept they've been suckered by lies their entire life.

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              you can, you can also ask your mummy and daddy to tell saidit when your bed time is so they can block your account when it's time to go to bed

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              You just did

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              let me guess, you're coming from voat?

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              The fact you're a self-proclaimed kike is more offensive than saying niggerfaggot

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              You clearly can now, but it's counter productive to just autistically blurt it out. Show facts like the FBI crime statistics on niggers. Explain how faggots reproduce through child abuse. Then show those hundreds of online posts by the kikes gleefully celebrating their use of minorities against Whites.

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                i admire your comment

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                No you cannot say nigger fagot or kike... Unless you're asking if you can say nigger fagot or kike.. then nigger fagot or kike is acceptable. Also if you're answering questions, for example, "can you say nigger fagot or kike"? When answering, then too you may also say nigger fagot or kike. But in all other instances saying nigger fagot or kike is is prohibited. Unless you are referencing specifically a nigger a fagot or a kike or a nigger fagot kike... Or any combination thereof. please be mindful of these guidelines.

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                  See.. that is a violation of the guidelines. You weren't asking a question, you weren't answering a question and you weren't directly specifying a kike.

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                  Let me guess... You miss voat too.

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                  Why not? It's just a word. Someone would probly say it to get a reaction. So I will do like when I was a child and ignore those that call names.

                  Why censor? What's next? Harsh words because maybe it will upset someone? Get a life and keep your fee fees to your self.

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                  Sure. You might find some words coming back at you, though.

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                  Also... Running low on "G"s... So please forgive my conservational spelling.

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                  Your kleverosity has exceeded my capacity to process.... rebooting.