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Yeah it's nice to see some regulars here, and I'm proud of the people who can see through the brigading designed to destroy this forum and continue to post and foster discussion and a sense of community. There's certainly some good things happening on saidit.

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In before the inevitable comment blaming Jews

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    Oh fuck yeah. The most fragile of all

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    Says the shill.

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    Not Jews, but Zionists hiding behind Jews, who also happen to be Jews.

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    Are such distinctions granted for “Nazis” and “racists?”

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    No. Some people claim that all Germans were Nazis, but what is National Socialism? It is merely Nationalism with Social Programs, which was first proclaimed in the transcripts of the Word Zionist congress. Anyone can be a racist, including specific Nazis, that would imply that they 'hate' another race. Zionists are racists because Zionism is one of ethnic-cleansing; the Palestinians who have lived in their land for thousands of years down the generational line are being uprooted from their homes in place of a Jewish ethnocracy. David Sheen shows that many Israeli Jews hate Arab Muslims and protest for their deaths making them racists. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist but Jewish Zionists on the right are mostly racist. And Zionists who ACTUALLY control the machinations of power are mostly kosher.

    Now, if we look deeper into the religion of Judaism, yes, it is mostly a racist cult. The Talmud, Zohar and Lurianic Cabala are filled with supremacist and racist verses. So, is not Mein Kampf. The former bases their racism on "Our God is your God but he has Chosen US" nonsense, the latter based their racism on the acute problem of Jewish internationalist finance but we know Jews are not a race so Nazis had to catagorize them as such. Really, Nazis were anti-Judaic and anti-Globalism which made some of them racist in some regards.

    Distictions should be made; so I guess we should start calling racists, anti-ethnicities.

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    Sounds like you know a lot more about this than me. My point was only that, since the opposition makes no effort to establish, with any precision, who the bad guys are to them, I’m not sure why we have that burden. Policies are based off generalizations.

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    You seem like an anti racist.

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    Yes, but I believe in race and that if the Chinese government authorities told the Chinese people that:

    We need you to be more multicultural so we are going to increase forced emigration here so that you become a minority,

    ...than I would stand totally against it. Zionist Talmudics believe that Edom, that is, Europe and the West most be flooded with immigrants, slowly, so as to destroy the Caucasian race. Why? Because according to them, this is the only way the Jewish Moshiach will return.

    So, it isn't so much communists pushing this nonsense, but Zionist theocratic Chabadniks behind closed doors, using 'communists' as useful idiots.

    Does all that make sense? Good.

    Now why does the Vatican, Israel, the US and interestingly, the UN want to impose Noahide laws? This is a Chabadnik operation.

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    Yes, Jews totally don't control media, finance, banking, make up the largest donors to both political parties. Its all just a big conspiracy.

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    What's the percentage of Jewish people at the top of banking right now?

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    Lets ask goldman

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      14 88

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      I think some of the racism on other sites is "fake" to discourage users or to intentionally reduce credibility of the site. Basically, it suppresses free speech by exploiting it in a way.

      I could get past that on voat for awhile, but now they even downvote on topics or opinions that aren't mainstream for voat and seems more controlled. Like, there seems to be a lack of critical thinking that used to be very evident there.

      Am grateful that saidit exists!

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      But we can all agree we blame the Jews right?

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      Jews, wake up and call out the Zionist criminals that hide behind you. Some of your own people--the high preists of war--- decided it would be best to stage a false flag to start their Yinon war plan. They consider you useful idiots and non-Jews not even human; that they can kill non-Jews and not recieve punishment for their crimes in this life. They did not recieve and punishment or jail time, instead they teach ethics at universities or retire on pensions in Israel.

      They call themselves Jews but they are not. They are of the synagouge of Satan.

      I'm saddened by what those innocent people had to endure in the buildings. The workers in the B levels of the basement being killed or injured by explosives placed on the core beams before, during and well after rabbi Dov Zakheims passenger jet drones hit the facde of the buildings or thhat split second of feeling the building tremble underneath your feet before you fall with the rubble at free fall speed--- your body incinerated into dust and bone fragments.

      We are dealing with a criminal enterprise of Zionist terrorists. If any Jew or Christian praises any of these Baals from hell then ywho have not God in have not God in them.

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      THEY ARE ALL OK WITH IT. They are CULTURALLY IDENTICAL. They might say they are "anti-zionist" but then you look and they are for a totalitarian communist world government with them as being slavemasters and the goys their slaves "HECK YEAH!!!! LOVE ME SOME GOY SLAVERY!!!!!" ... just ... not necessarily headquartered in Jerusalem. Or something else that comes down to the same thing: THEY ARE NOT DENOUNCING BECAUSE DEEP DOWN THEY AGREE WITH IT.

      Go ahead, prove me wrong.

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      They are not ok with it, because they don't know what is actually going on.

      A similar argument could be made of white non-slave owners in the pre civil war south.

      We're they all ok with slavery? Did they have the means to end it? What could/should they have done differently?

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      Slavery was started by blacks and Jews. Also, slavery was not an ethnic/cultural/religious phenomenon as we are discussing here.

      I don't think the two are comparable. Plus, whites did end slavery, so what more do you want.

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      I'm referring to the southern institution. The general cultural acceptance of that.

      Slavery was started by blacks and Jews.

      Christian Zionist are every bit as involved.
      * Every recent president.
      * Most of Congress.
      * Evangelical support, etc.

      Also, slavery was not an ethnic/cultural/religious phenomenon as we are discussing here.

      Christianity was used to placate the slaves. Teachings of obedient slaves, and masters, Ethnic liberation for devoted religious servitude, etc.

      I don't think the two are comparable. Plus, whites did end slavery

      B Who's to say the Jews won't end whatever this current era is called.

      I'm not an apologist for what the Zionist are doing. It's criminal.

      I'm also not an apologist for the American political duopoly/corporatocracy, or debt slavery, etc.

      We need to wake people up to all of it. Particularly Zionist domination.

      However, we need smart people like yourself to identify the crimes and concerns in a way that new visitor's can digest, and comprehend.

      The public has been brainwashed to perceive zionism as atonement for crimes against alleged victims.

      They will assume you're crazy when you make

      You're playing into their hand with the overt hostility. They'll brand you a racist anti-semite; rather than an exceedingly alarmed individual who wants to get the message out there.

      You may not care what their perception is of you. Unfortunately, you make it difficult for Jesus to get his message out there.

      Just saying...

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        SIEG HEIL!

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        They still have a chance to change.

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        Yes, that they do.

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        There are no jews on the saiditnet

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        Of course, of course. It could not be more obvious.

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        Groupthink is not a synonym of dissent.

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            Dont be gay.

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              What about people with no legs, you bigot?

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              Best thread on Saidit right now.

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              I won't

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              Hey, right back atcha

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              I’m just here for the cheeky banter and seeing what nonsense the T’s in the LGBT’s are trying to force on others, love you guys.

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              Proud of us for not really caring about red-it

              Goes on abut red-it

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              sites kind of dead

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                lot of bots just post links to their sites in hopes of getting more views, sort by new shows this. never any get any replies

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                  mentally yes

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                        If people are programming bots to post to this site, it means there is enough users to justify it. That's a good thing. The problems of success.

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                        It's only going to get bigger. I went on Twitter today only to see a large portion of the content creators / youtubers I followed clearly letting people know "IF YOU SUPPORT TRUMP. YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED. PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME".

                        This site has many extreme instances but most of this is comprised of fed up normal people.

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                        Because there is no real political bias, there is not much about the debate on Saidit now.
                        More concern about corruption and such. :-)

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                        That's the main thing that attracted me to saidit in the first place. Although for a while there, the pyramid of debate didn't appear as though it was being enforced. Once it was, the people simply destructively trying to take over with low-effort propaganda have mostly left. The more time goes by, with more people realizing they can't get away with just calling people names, the better it is. The single biggest issue with these alternative websites is generally entryism, and the more you can push back against propaganda-focused entryism the more likely it is you will develop a userbase that can argue like adults.

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                        yeah thats cool and all but I like dicks