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Maybe kesh is a problem, I'll keep an eye on it. The rest are not a problem. Also you're ban evading, and after creating a mess for saidit in previous accounts you suddenly care about the quality of saidit?

Seems unlikely

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Maybe kesh is a problem, I'll keep an eye on it. The rest are not a problem.

This one's not a problem?
Also this account posts one link twice with different titles.
This one might/might not be a bot. Might be a bot because nearly everything the account posts has hydrogen in the title and that's easy to make using nearly any language and last comment is from 18 days ago. Might not be a bot because it has comments.
This one seems okay.

Also you're ban evading, and after creating a mess for saidit in previous accounts you suddenly care about the quality of saidit?

What is it that you have against me? Ban evading? I was banned for my political ideology not for violating a rule. Creating a mess for saidit? Is your server that weak that just three user accounts creates "a mess for saidit"? And dismissing my argument because of past actions is a ad hominem.

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We have /s/SaiditCleanup for this stuff.

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Thanks! Crossposted there

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Also, /s/SaidItBots was to be for discussing policy as well as sharing how-to's, but no one gave a shit.

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Also, /s/SaidItBots was to be for discussing policy as well as sharing how-to's, but no one gave a shit.

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It's a good thing. It means spammers think that Saidit has enough of an audience to be worthy of their time.

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Hey there. I'm glad to see that you still want to be a part of this community in spite of what happened. In my opinion the removal was unjustified but I guess there's nothing that we can do. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Hell yeah captain

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That hits a little close to home, I have posted about cleaning supplies on reddit before lol. Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bleach cleaner is amazing stuff. My bathroom has very little ventilation and we had a bad mold problem on the ceiling -- a popcorn textured ceiling no less! That stuff got it right off without scrubbing. Works amazing on tile and toilets too. The only thing it doesn't clean well is the ceramic tub. I'm open to suggestions for that one, it's pretty grungy looking.

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Based and homepilled

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Three of these are overt Trump supporters, and two are non-political.

Bias, anyone?

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Do you like cleaning toilets?

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/u/sierrakilobravo just spams because he's promoting his youtube channel, which is actually pretty good.

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Thanks (I think). Coincidentally I decided yesterday to no longer post here because there seems to be little interest in original user created content. Since the last one or two influxes of users Reddit, the front page is a dumpster fire, and even innocuous sounding topics only take minutes to devolve into the same old arguments. I joined up around two years ago and I’m sad to say, it ain’t what it used to be.

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sadly agreed, it's an echo of that old cycle, of the death of the old internet in the face of waves of migrants looking for a new refuge.
old antiextremes was comfy as hell, now everything's political, though I blame the politicization of every aspect of society rather than saidit or any other single website.

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Its not ok to be brown!

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free your mind, friend

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Oh no, SierraKiloBravo left?? Thats really sad :( Thankfully he still makes YouTube videos

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Self promotion is allowed now?

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If it's interesting content, why not? Post something, if it gets votes people look at it, if it's shit it gets thrown into the back pages. Let users decide with their eyes and their clicks. If it isn't content and its just an ad then I understand taking it down, but posting OC should be roundly encouraged, it's what sites like this run on. If I post a meme I make, surely this isn't "self-promotion"?

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Self promotion was always allowed. /s/ads was always available for anyone with ads - it's the only place where random ads are okay. There have also been vanity subs named after their user.

I don't see how bloviating about political ideas is any different than promoting anything else - ideas, products, services, dogmas, peace, etc.

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    Yeah its probably either a paid spambot or some fag using saidit as a bot testing platform

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    The multi-posts are because there are no metatags and often a post belongs under more than one topical category and maybe even in multiple "communities".

    As a "link spammer" myself, I'd rather give away my karma for whatever it's worth (or cash it in) or get rid of it for everyone entirely - and to the point, I'd rather just post ONCE have a singular conversation, yet have that single post be shared/mirrored/metatagged under all the different subs that apply.

    Why do I do it? For future research. SaidIt is not just a semi-disposable ephemeral news feed. There is serious archival/research here worth valuing.

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    Everything is ephemeral. Entropy is what powers nature itself. Entropy is the only thing preventing the universe from falling into disorder. If ephemrality didn't exist, the culmination of matter would lead to the end of the beginning and end of the end itself.

    You'd agree that 4chan is hella better than reddit, wouldn't you? Well, 4chan works on the principle of entropy. When someone replies to a post, it gets a bump, and more bumps = your post gets a higher chance of rising up to the top of the board you're posting on. But after a while, your post ends up at the bottom of the board and cannot rise up to the top anymore unless mods unbumplock it. And it works. Sure, sometimes shit like [s4s] getting invaded currently by the users it was made to parody(i.e. the SRS tranny cucks), but mostly, it works.

    Entropy is what powers everything.

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    Nothing is permanent, true.

    I don't know 4chan nor Reddit enough to have a strong opinion other than they each have pros and cons.

    I don't know what s4s or SRS are.

    Some things are foundations, upon which new things may be forged.

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    I'm pretty sure /u/rainbow80 is a bot.