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open-source, ad free, no downvotes, site wide rules encourage debate and discussion, no unnecessary data is collected or sold, no pornography, owned by two guys and ran off of donations, features that you would otherwise pay for on Reddit are free here i.e comment highlighting, open-source app, IRC, mod logs are publicly available for anyone to see, classic reddit theme, yada yada.

Reasons for switching over; all of the above.

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Sounds very appealing. You've got a believer in me.

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Does it have censorship

Am i allowed to be a troll here

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Does it have censorship

In the strictest sense, of course. The content policy is here.

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I switched because I could not in good conscience continue to use Reddit after the most recent purge which was like a digital carpet bombing, plain and simple, like a digital scortched earth. I had long wanted to leave Reddit because of the previous purges and having realized what was happening with SJWs taking over the site and ideologically infiltrating Reddit itself. Once I learned about Saidit I immediately jumped ship.

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    Well according to sjw's 'people of color' = 'minorities'...

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    Interesting. I'll have to study more thoroughly on this. I guess I've been living under a rock or something. Thank you.

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    Feel free to have a look at s/AgainstHateSubreddits as well, we've been talking about these League Trolls there quite a bit already.

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    no china. no censorship. etc. etc.

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    How's China related to r/? Guess I didn't realize that.

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    It's majority owned by a chinese company isn't it?

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    I thought it was privately owned but didn't know any details past that.

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    My presence. :)

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    Pleased to meet your acquaintance and share the same space as your presence. G'day

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    No downvote mechanism can be abused by downvote partys. Truly free as in Libre, as in free speech. The upvotes are real votes (as far as I know)

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      All good things. Thanks!

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      No censorship. Well, it seems there is no censorship.

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      There is censorship. Read the stupid fucking community/comment guideline shit.

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      Only in the strictest sense. If all anybody posts is "you're a goddamn shithead and deserve to die" or similar ad hominem, dragging the discussion down the pyramid of debate, then they will get removed along with their posts.

      This is akin to commenting, "this isn't a free country, I can't throw shit and piss at people on the street."

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      Only in the strictest sense.

      Wrong. You prove yourself wrong below.

      If all anybody posts is "you're a goddamn shithead and deserve to die" or similar ad hominem, dragging the discussion down the pyramid of debate, then they will get removed along with their posts.

      👆🏼That isn't the strictest sense. The strictest sense would be to remove/censor law breaking content, such as threats of violence and the non-consensual publishing of private information (doxxing)

      The raises the question: So what? People have a right to express themselves freely. This includes the right to be rude, vulgar, obscene, and profane.

      It is not a rights violation for someone to tell another person to "get fucked." In fact, certain circumstances warrant a response of that nature.

      In the ~5 years I spent debating people on reddit, I would regularly run into people who were adamant ideologues. They did not arrive at the beliefs they had via careful reasoning. This being the case, it generally was not possible to get them to change their mind by providing them reasoning as one cannot be reasoned out of a position which they did not initially reason themselves into.

      Many a time I would refute the persons position in multiple ways. I might explain to them how it is that certain premises were flawed, how it is that their position is actually subordinate to my dominate more foundational principles, and how it is that the foundational principles can be leveraged to construct a more consistent and understanding of objective reality. At this point I would be met with abjectly retarded cognitive dissonance of one kind or another or outright denial that their position was thoroughly refuted. For situations such as that, the pyramid of debate no longer applies, since I had engaged their argument/position from the very top of the pyramid with the strongest possible refutation. In cases like that, I think it's perfectly permissible to indulge in whatever category of ad-hominem, insults, or flaming suits the situation.

      This blanket rule is retarded and needs to go.

      This is akin to commenting, "this isn't a free country, I can't throw shit and piss at people on the street."

      It is not. See reference to rights violation above.

      "This isn't a free country because I can't punch people in the face" would be akin to complaining about censorship because you cannot say "I'm going to run a backhack through your IP and steal your credit card information."

      Censorship is acceptable when a rights violation is at play. It is not acceptable when people are simply exchanging harsh words in what is essentially a chat room.

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      username checks out

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      If people were almost always well-behaved, I would agree with your conclusion as to what is "acceptable" or not. But they are not. And in order to not have a site resemble a dumpster fire in terms of quality, I feel that the current rules are warranted.

      Otherwise people are just going to leave, and there will be no discussing anything.

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      Reddit has a block feature. I don't know if this site does, but it ought to add one soon. The whole purpose of the block feature is to give the user control over their interactions with poorly behaved people.

      That being said, your reply above isn't much of a counter argument. It's just feelings and speculation. Why should my freedom of speech and expression be limited because some pathetic spineless weasel can't handle abrasive rhetoric? That type of person is not someone I really want to discuss anything with anyway. Limiting my free speech already makes me want to leave this site. Catering to retards will turn this site into a shitty reddit clone and will make me want to leave even more.

      I suppose this world just isn't the place for me, since unlike most of the people who inhabit it, I have principles and actually stick to them.

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      There is a block feature on here. Let me show you how it works.

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      we begged for that feature for so long.

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      lmao. lick my balls you salty mother fucker.

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      No kike oversight.if I wanna say kike. I can say fucking kike.

      I can say Hitler did nothing wrong, and no one really gives a fuck.

      Kill all whites is a 100% permissible statement on both here and Reddit.

      Kill all kikes would get me probably fkn doxxed on Reddit.

      Fuck kikes. Fuck Reddit.

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      and fuck you, for good measure :D

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      No downvotes, free speech unless you're being a shithead, which is good.

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      Short and sweet. I like it.

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      Because weak white men need their place,lol.They need protection these days.

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      Progressive people are here...