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A worthy endeavour that seeks to solve a real problem - how to best serve subs that want to apply moderation rules that make them ineligible for "all" status, but still want users to be able to find them. However, I'm not sure this is implemented in the best way.

In the sub discovery section /subs (default "popular" tab) actually lists all (ie english language interpretation of word "all") subs by popularity, including those that have contents displayed in /s/all and those that are listed on /subs/notall/. Go far enough down the list on /subs and you will find the same subs listed in /subs/notall/

There is no /subs/all, and no /s/notall

A more symmetric solution might be better. Give the end user the ability to show thread feeds (like as appear in s/all, s/new etc) including or excluding those eligible for saidit "all" status, and those not. Default to "all" (saidit all), allow user to toggle on "notall" to view both "all" and "notall" mixed into same feed (combining to make english_language_all!). Being able to toggle off "all" too would be useful, since if you're in the mood for debate you'll exclude notall, then might want to catch up on passive stuff in the knowledge you've exhaused all...

And there's also the issue of some subs probably not wanting to be discoverable by notall anyway. so then you'll have /all, /notall, /neitherallnornotall. at some point the language used here should be revised, before we all go insane!

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@d3rr why did you create a sub called /s/Jews? Are you trying to kill this website? Are you stupid?

Also antisemitism is for losers.

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Yes, I'm trying to kill this site and I'm stupid.

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Cry more about the Jewish people you blowhard loser

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You lost the left, you lost the internet, and in a generation or two you'll be losing in the UN. Best of luck.

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Who is ‘you’?

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Well, it's literally not on /s/all, so what are you complaining about?

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That an admin of this site would deliberately promote anti-semitism makes me (and many others) question whether we want to associate ourselves with this site

Oh well, enjoy your Voat-clone hugbox

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I've found that anti Semitic spaces are loaded with Jews. In fact Jews are one of the primary pushers of over the top anti-Semitic content.

I also find it interesting that you immediately assume a sub with the name s/jews is automatically going to be an 'anti Semitic' space. You also quite quickly move to threats. You and 'many others' arn't going to associate yourselves with saidit? Isn't that a demonstration of the power of Jews in and of itself? Is it really so wrong for people to talk about this power? Why do you think that you have the power to get so many Jews to stop using saidit? Are you aware of the ability for Jews to work together closely? Do you have personal experience with Jews coordinating closely on political, economic or social endeavors?

For people following this thread you might find it interesting to look at what percentage of Jews actually hold influential positions in the US (keeping in mind that Jews are only 2% of the population).

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Bye loser

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I also find it interesting that you immediately assume a sub with the name s/jews is automatically going to be an 'anti Semitic' space

"I've been found out."

Shine a spotlight they don't expect and you're anti-semitic

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    It's true that there's a correlation between subs wanting to not respect the "pyramid of debate" thing, and wanting to be hidden. However, I expect there are some places that want to enforce stricter rules, but not be hidden.

    Perhaps a good extra feature would be to toggle sub discoverability, but it should IMO be separate from whether it's eligible to appear on /all. ie:

    eligible for all, discovery enabled : appears on /all

    ineligible for all, discovery enabled: appears on /notall

    discovery disabled: does not appear on /all , /notall

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    i wish there was a directory of all subs by category

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    Can we just get a brand new tab at the top on /all? New can be the current way it is and add a new tab called "all new" which does this without jumping through hoops.

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    Any way to access this on the apps though like slide easily?

    Could you potentially make it something like /home that currently 404s anyhow yet the apps direct to?

    That, or could you also mirror it on a sub like s/notall so its at the very least accessible on slide if you subscribe to it?

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    Slide isn't officially supported. Just use your phone's web browser, which is supported.

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    Ya... But slide is much nicer to use.

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    Development on the saidit slide stopped 10 months ago from what I can tell:

    Someone made it as a side project, it has nothing to do with either of the admins of saidit. Glad it works at all for you, tbh!

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    is there a way we can view all the latest post on saidit even from subs that are not on /all?