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For one I believe it is too easy for someone to make multiple alts to abuse the saidit voting system, being that there's no email verification or at least a way of limiting accounts made by users.

I agree but what's the solution without just creating artificial barriers like emails and phone numbers? I don't want to gather people's data

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the only solid ideas I have are one new account per ip address per day, and making registration take longer/be harder.

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I like both those ideas. Although the first idea could be a problem if like a university shares an IP and lots of people want to sign up, or something. Or a lot of people sharing a VPN.

Making registration harder makes a lot of sense. Maybe just a better capcha even. I have a feeling our captcha is easily solvable by bots these days. I almost wish the registration process actually took a couple minutes and was semi-difficult. So it would guarantee a human being would have to pay close attention for a couple minutes for the account to be created. If we could do that without making it too annoying to deter real users, and put up an explanation of why we are doing it, then I think it could limit bot and vote-manipulation activity without limiting actual users.

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i think a better idea would be to automatically flag post that are getting upvotes from new accounts with 0 karma, if a post/comment gets a certain number of upvotes from new accounts with 0 karma it gets automatically hidden until an admin/mod approves it.

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Maybe, the good shills are good at using all their accounts though to make it look natural, so that would be a good protection some of the time but not all the time