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You need a Ubuntu 14.04 server with root access, you can use a VM on a windows/mac machine to install Ubuntu if you want to run it locally. It will not work on your average web hosting server unless its a VPS that you have SSH access to.

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What kind of issues are you running into?

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I guess I dont know where ot start. Do I follow the directions for installing it locally, or is there a different set of instructions I should use for installing it on a host

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I would think it's probably pretty much the same, though I don't really have a whole lot of experience with this kind of thing. You're using the instructions here? You're accessing the host machine remotely and you haven't tried installing SaidIt yet?

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I do have access to the remote machine, but didnt want to do anything till I asked here. I guess Ill follow directions and see how it works for me. Thanks.

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Yeah some of the steps might already be completed (like presumably you don't need to install the operating system on the remote machine). Maybe if you're not sure if things are set up right to start downloading and installing SaidIt you can ask your hosting provider about those settings from earlier in the instructions.

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Hit me up if you get stuck and want help.