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It's high on our to-do list, we agree it'd be a great feature to have someday.

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Awesome, thanks.

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I agree with the poster below that filters are also a good option. It'd be nice to have both. The only weird side effect of these things on discussion forums is, you'll end up with things like this:

Poster A: Point Laid Out

Poster B: (blocked by A): Completely refutes point A

Poster A: Continues on as if he had a leg to stand on

This should be very entertaining in practice, and will sometimes lead to the appearance of insanity within the user base.

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Its already happening by people not reading/understanding the post above. Worse is:

Poster A: Makes a very informative post explaining why Spaghetti is a myth that doesn't exist and never did

Poster B: Completely refutes the existence of spherical earth

Poster A: "???"

Poster B: "Yeah you're an idiot."

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Yeah, it do be like that.

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It do. It do.

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I like it the way it is now tbh. It forces you to confront viewpoints you don't agree with before shutting them out completely. I can understand why everyone isn't down for it though.

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I think filters are better than blocks because someone who posts the same old tired pseudonazi shit all the time may at one point have an interesting or insightful thing to say that's unrelated to that. Of course I think we can use RES here which would allow that functionality but to have it natively in the site would be great. Bloody 4chan has it, I can filter out all the tranny porn from /gif/ and it works just fine there. Why not use it here to get rid of the nazi shit if you're not interested in it?

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I don't have time for second chances or second impressions. I block more on gab than I have any platform.

I'd rather personally block a thousand people than have one 'blocked' for me though. Ostracism WAS an important part of society until we fucked it all up with thought policing.

Edit: new phone, overbearing autocorrect

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I'd rather personally block a thousand people than have one 'blocked' for me though.

Exactly. I don't want any centralized authority to decide what is acceptable, we can make those decisions as individuals.

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Another post suggested optional moderation. I prefer that over both of these ideas.

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Agreed, it's important to put users in charge of what they want to view.

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we should be allowed to see which users the user blocked

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What? Why?

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im not sure.. might be good for evidence to see what their hiding

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It is needed because this place is already getting brigaded by communists.

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On reddit you can report someone as spam and an option to block their account shows up. There's also an internal API that isn't open to the public but can be added via a bit of javascript trickery to activate blocking; this link basically covers it. Assuming the same API exists for saidit maybe some mild tweaking of that script could yield the same result.