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Yeah I just banned that guy because he was advocating violence. So your reports worked. Good job.

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Thank you.

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No problem

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What about mr obvious in this thread, why have you not responded to my inquiry about this either? And multiple reported comments?

If that is allowed, your entire project here is a sick joke.


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Not every complaint deserves a removal.

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Uh, I know that, why do you even bother saying the obvious and then dodge the question?

Did you read mr obvious's comments, you know the one where he said he wants to punch me? And the other accusations, and repeated flagrant violation of the debate pyramid?

My entire assessment of you and this site hinges upon this, and I will be very loud about my assessment.

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You ask me? He got a gag order, so he can't answer.

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Gosh how awful. I bet nobody's ever hit the report button for this poster before. If only they had, I'm sure the admins would have prevented all this dragging down of the discussion that's occurring here. /s

For OP: it seems like they leave a lot of stuff like this up. Idk why, or how it promotes the kind of discussion they claim to be trying to foster here, but here we are.

They do remove some stuff which imo is even worse, it's just policing opinions if you're not going to expect everyone to "play by the same rules".

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Basically there is a LOT of leeway given in terms of warnings etc., to try and keep this place as censorship-free as possible. If some one proves themselves to be a repeat offender, a chronic low-level shitposter, they will eventually be banned.

There are always some users who deliberately crap all over everything. I suggest report, ignore, and move on, and eventually those users will either get bored or be removed.

Publicly complaining about them only brings more of the same crap down upon yourself, imo.

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IMO ultimately : shit posting ≠ free speech .

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The thing is, this will happen to every new user who comes along, every "fresh blood", every new inspired hopeful life interested in the platform, everyone trying it out for the first time, because they are the ones who won't be able to "just ignore" because they won't know yet.

This reminds me of a post I saw a while ago called "The Missing Stair" about people ignoring abusers in their (imo, not-currently-a-recommended-activity-based) community.

I no longer think "just ignore and move on" is the correct solution a lot of the time, even though it's recommended commonly. Would someone recommend that for a disease? "Oh just ignore your warning sign of X serious condition!" Or for any other problem? If something wrong is occurring, it's a problem! We should be grateful we are able to detect it, and we should do something about it instead of letting it just fester and grow worse.

It should be an effective thing we do about it, of course. Perhaps the correct answer is to post pvp video game links where people can engage in trying to hurt and combat each other in a more stimulating way.

Publicly complaining about them only brings more of the same crap down upon yourself, imo.

This is a suppression of complaining speech then... encouraging self-censorship of discussion of problems seems exactly contrary to the spirit of a site where people want to call out "problems in the elite" or something (dedicated, agendized, divisive hatred of groups seems fine here but only if it's the right groups like "the elite," but that's another topic.)

If the admins don't enforce the pyramid then yes, you're right, people are going to come here and not use it and if nobody in charge does anything, it becomes the responsibility of the users individually to handle that problem. People start coming up with individual solutions for protection and management of shared problems like this when the people who're supposed to be looking after the space don't do it. Nobody would be offering a bunch of solutions about how to deal with it yourself unless it was already clear that no help would be forthcoming from the people who are supposed to be looking after the space.

Basically there is a LOT of leeway given in terms of warnings etc

they should make these public so participants are aware about how something is being addressed, or if it is being addressed at all.

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This is a suppression of complaining speech then... encouraging self-censorship

No, this is a misinterpretation. I am against suppression.

The person made clear they have complained already, and that channel is always open. They are totally welcome to complain publicly, no one said otherwise. I'm simply remarking that starting threads like this simply attract more of the vitriol they are complaining about in the first place. I guess it is an effective strategy in that it creates a platform for a wider audience to see the abuse if that abuser or abusers take(s) the bait.

Ignoring someone who is not open to actual discussion and consideration is a means of redirecting one's energy towards communications that are fun and enriching or bring you some kind of wanted experience. If you enjoy circular bouts of abuse, then have at it, by all means, engage the trollery or what have you. No one said you can't or shouldn't.

The admins and mods to their best, and they do it in good faith in my experience. Each person can empower themselves during the lag time to engage the material and people that bring them enjoyment, enrichment, or whatever.

We will have to see how this pans out when the site gets bigger. In the mean time, understand that the pyramid is enforced, and all mod logs are public.

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this is a misinterpretation

Would that not be the result of what you suggested though? Avoiding saying something, not because you don't want to discuss it, but because of costs of discussing it?

understand that the pyramid is enforced

I don't think it really is. The person OP is complaining about would have been long gone if it were.

I don't feel this post addresses everything I said about the "missing stair" phenomenon. All this advice about personal ways to avoid engagement with users who engage in pyramid-lowering behavior is "how to jump the missing stair" advice -- low-pyramid stuff isn't supposed to be tolerated on the site in the first place. The stair should be fixed instead.

And no, not all logs are public. Mod logs within individual subs are public, but admin site-wide ban warnings are not public. Admin warnings and bans should be public too.

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    Thanks, took care of it. That guy must have a pretty boring life

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    What about the bots? Dcjogger, unicorn, and the other new one?

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    nygal and I think another new one.

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    u/Thorium_Reactor is someone who's brigading me, saying antisemitic, homophobic and racist slurs in a bad faith, and while all of this isn't explicitly banned, he also breaks the rules by lowering the pyramid of debate a lot, because he calls me names when I'm giving some arguments.

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    the person I answered brigades me. I'm not sure if it's allowed.

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      So you're trying to get banned. You excel in this regard.