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Here's a completely different approach, that mimics the saidit banner more. I made this demo temporarily for you to check out, not jacking your sub or anything

So to do this approach, remove any header image set in sub settings and just use the 'edit stylesheet' page. For this example, I uploaded your header image as younger-dryas, then in the css I could use %%younger-dryas%%.

Anyway, this is the entirety of the css:

#header { background-image: url(%%younger-dryas%%); }
#header-img, #header-img.default-header { background-image: none; min-height: 162px; }

The 162px height makes #header add up to 200px plus a border (as shown in the page inspector when you look at height), to match your 200px image height, in case you were wondering or end up using a different image.

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All I can say is wow! Thank you so much... you're probably the best technical support I've ever received from an admin, including services I have paid for!

I can't wait to work harder on making my banner less 1998 lol!

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No problem man. I'm happy to see someone using this stuff and bringing/backing up a cool sub to saidit. Let us know if anything else is off or not working like you expect.

Hah, 1998 looks good to me