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Hi, our normal banner is 40x4500. The 40 tall is what really matters, then it's aligned to the left. Then the right side of the banner gets clipped off depending on how wide the user's browser is. So we use 4500 px width to support superwide browsers. Hopefully this will fix the scroll bar issue, let me know if it doesn't.

We don't have the capability to change banners on change of daymode/nightmode. /u/d3rr and I can consider adding it to our list.

The font is called "Ethnocentric" :)

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The font is called "Ethnocentric"

The shame!

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Lol I know it's pretty ironic tbh. I didn't even know the font name until last week

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At least we know the font name. I'm pretty impressed.

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Thanks again, I'll have to find that font with the very intriguing name.

What I meant by the width of the banner though, since yours is so long :O, when I uploaded a custom one, the resolution of my image caused the page to become scrolly and distended but the default saidit banner does not do this, best to just look at s/youngerdryas on a pad or phone to know what I mean :(

Sorry again!

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to become scrolly and distended

This isn't happening for me when I visit /s/youngerdryas. The banner is a little taller than normal, but that's all. It looks fine to me!

When you say it's adding extra scrolling, do you mean it's making you scroll left-right, or it's adding extra to the up-down scrolling? If it's the left-right one, that's a new bug for us and we'd have to look in to that, because I don't see that on my browser. If it's adding extra up-down scrolling, the only way to alleviate that is to make the banner only 40px tall instead of taller than that.

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Ahh, it doesn't do that anymore because d3rr showed me #header-img { max-width: 100%; margin: 0; }! Try putting up a custom banner on a sub that is wider than probably 1024 to see what I meant!

I still can't seem to get it to clip to the top however.

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Nice! Glad it's working and that d3rr was able to help you.

What do you mean "clip to the top" exactly?

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d3rr was saying how the saidit banner is peeking out through the top - but that's only behind the subscription bar.

I've never actually used CSS before, I gave it a shot, but I couldn't stop the banner from staying behind the sub-bar (doesn't matter to me, I'm just trying to beta test the banner upload for you guys before anyone else tries it).

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Ah I see thanks. There's all sorts of CSS commands you can toss in there, you can usually add as many as you like.

You might try adding a "display: block;" line in your parentheses. This is one of the many commands that helps with layering or ordering, so it might make it go behind the sub bar.