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Thanks for responding. I hope I don't sound too critical and maybe some of my novice ignorance in the feedback is helpful.

I don't know enough to speak with certainty or "authority" but from what I understand there are many developments attacking this mutable vs immutable issue in IPFS, including the way GIT is a permanent record with updating and forking qualities (excuse my lack of better words). I hope you can free and open develop it with others. FYI the "WebTorrent Desktop" and "Vuze" are the only (that I know of) apps that both Bittorrent and Webtorrent. I wish qBittorrent did too. They're working on it but I don't know if they're considering the libp2p project that Protocol Labs is working on in conjunction with IPFS and Filecoin. Also, FYI the the GitHub forum has one thumbs up icon plus an additional optional icon with various emojis.

So it's SaidIt > Subs > Posts > Comments.

I guess the chaos is part of the charm, ie. Conspiracy and conspiracyundone. And there could be more Subs like Conspiracies (not actually different but plural), Conspirophilia, Conspirituality, Conspiritards, etc. Or is there curation and/or metatags, etc to help organize? I like chaos and organization, but to search and find something specific quickly usually means it shouldn't have 42 potential hiding places. If I understand this correctly, Idon't think I'm being critical of SaidIt so much as a weakness of the Reddit-style forum. Unless I'm wrong or too hasty to have an opinion about this popular format that I have never embraced before. (It took me a while to "get" into the backend culture of Wikipedia, which is as rigged and anal as possible.)

I can wait the two weeks. I expect I'll make Subs on occasion for various interests and will as my familiarity and enthusiasm grow, but in particular I have 3 Subs I intend to make, and I'd appreciate feedback. I'd like to free and open source develop 2 creative projects in 2 Subs and another Sub for the online worker coop and management of those projects. The 2 creative truther edutrainment projects would be co-hosted on InfoGalactic where the project would take form (ie. scripts, storyboards, etc) but discussed here, and the management sub would be about everything but the creative stuff - fundraising, accounting, promotion, distribution, etc. I expect there will be near zero participation and I'll be mostly talking to myself until some of the first episodes are finished and released, but thereafter at least the ground rules will be laid out and production shouldn't have to slow to adapt. I don't know why SaidIt might object, but I'm open to hear why. I use InfoGalactic because they have a deep encyclopedia (Wikipedia mirror) with a decent connection, willingness, and no censorship. I'd rather be on a neutral, truther, anarchist, or progressive wiki than alt-right, but they exist, let me do truther and progressive articles, and are open to utilize the wiki for other projects, beyond just the encyclopedia. Perhaps my projects could be entirely developed on SaidIt alone, but I think the combo embraces the best of both. Of course I'll also eventually likely use YouTube, Vimeo, DTube, and BitChute. Anyway, I'll try to finish my outlines to post on InfoGalactic, then share here in a couple weeks.

Unrelated, I came up with an idea that may help SaidIt. If someone else has done this then great minds, if not then it might be a good app to develop and share. I've heard of sites that embed crypto-mining in their pages. I have mixed feelings about this, however if it's all in the open I'm all for it, especially if you/they were to develop something like this: On every page (not buried in preferences) with the top banner, user info, preferences, messaging, etc at the top in the open, a little icons with a mining icon that expands when you click on it to provide your options with an explanation. It might say "To support SaidIt please enable the cryptomining option. To encourage your support SaidIt what is mined up to 50/50 (or whatever number) but you may choose to donate more to SaidIt (with a slider to change it to 0/0 (off) 50/50, 60/40, 70/30,... or 100/0 (all to SaidIt)). You have earned XX for SaidIt and XX for yourself which you may transfer out beyond XX." Any more complicated than that and it starts to seem like a scheme. (ie. Steemit is not open nor decentralized and is too complex not to be rigged.)

I read the welcome. One thing I don't see or haven't found is how to check for recent activity rather than reviewing an entire thread I've already read and trying to discover the hidden/nested new comment(s).

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We are basically planning to use IPFS to load a static page that in turn loads dynamic content from a blockchain or something.

Or is there curation and/or metatags, etc to help organize? I

There is a search function. It's just part of how reddit-style forums work. We were talking about building in a crossposting mechanism that would allow a post with comments to be posted under multiple subs.

Your project sounds interesting, you're more than welcome to share it with the community.

Yeah we plan to have our own in-tab cryptocurrency mining later on. We're still working out the details of that.

If you want to see the newest comments you can go to

and the newest threads are under the "new" tab on the main page, also available at

I'll add that to the welcome info.

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Thanks for all the good info.

While I'm little motivated by crypto stuff, I am enthusiastic about its promise on many levels. I don't think it should be underestimated how much of an incentive it could potentially be if you were to share the in-tab mining with the community, should they choose to recoup it. It may be a draw. It may also be a drawback if people are only here to "earn". Steemit for example is full of shitty posts. Then again, maybe that's more common on forums than I'm aware of.

I'm going to check out new and comments now...

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You could be right, and there will probably be some downsides. But it's the best method I see for ensuring eternal funding for a decentralized saidit. Imagine it running in the cloud 100 years from now... still being paid for by in-tab mining and served by people leaving server tabs open. Then it would be almost truly autonomous

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I agree. However you haven't acknowledged my idea about sharing the mining with the users. Maybe you only want to offer 10% and make them jump through hoops to actually redeem it, but as long as the process is open an honest then I can't see why it won't be embraced. Further you might post a fundraising goal, where all of it (or better 90%) goes to SaidIt and after that goal is reached then you pull back to 50% or 60%.

Also, I think it should be fully disclosed on every page with a toggle button and default setting. (ie. Default on can be turned off for each user and/or a temporary toggle button on a per-page basis in case your computer chokes or whatever.) It would be less cool to bury it under menus.

Also also, as an incentive for users you can publish their stats openly, maybe like Steemit accessible to all, and further put their total beside their name and/or whether they are contributing (on) or not. Whether folks choose to shame the non-contributors and make fun of their hair or genitals or mom or whatev is a whole other angle. Or we could adapt methods of persuasion from the CIA.

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Oh, we'd probably offer the users doing the mining 70% or so, then 30% or so goes to the site. Something like that. Maybe even just 10% goes to the site. We'll have to play around with it, but that's the range we're thinking.

It wouldn't be a background thing, I wouldn't want it to be a surprise to anyone. It would be more like a link that says CLICK HERE TO MINE and then it would open a new tab and the tab would say MINING.... and have stats about it, and you'd leave that tab open to run it. And it would be front and center.

I like the idea of publishing stats for mining, like we could have a leaderboard for the week/month/all time, etc. Good idea.

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That sounds about perfect. Better than I was thinking.

"Employee of the Month"

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Great to hear we're thinking along the same lines! "Employee of the month" sounds great haha

Also important is that we'll have it be a tipping system, not a voting system. So unlike steemit, the rank of the thing on the page won't be determined by the cryptocurrency. It will just be an extra bonus similar to giving reddit gold