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This is great! Is this based on the Reddit API? Could I modify current Reddit apps to plug into this one or did you coffee from the ground up? Looks like a straight clone but I know the admin area isn't included in the original Reddit git repository. At least it wasn't when I tried to do this.

Thanks a lot! I hope this is the next evolution. I was on Digg before the mass migration to Reddit and have been watching Reddit decline for years.

Do you have a team or are you a single person doing this? Great job either way! And thanks!!

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Yes it's based on the reddit API so there's a very good chance you can port over reddit apps. We've already ported RES which you can read about here:

Glad you like it, and it's cool you've been around since digg too.

It's mostly myself and /u/d3rr doing the work to make this site happen, but there's a few others who have helped with parts of it.