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Thanks for the feedback. In response I'll say there's plenty of porn content all over the internet, there's really no reason for me to have to sift through porn constantly to figure out what is legal and what is illegal porn, which could get us shut down. There are plenty of other sites that offer this content, and we don't plan to change our policy here because it would not benefit the site.

Secondly, the downvote system is often used by the trolls, to control what looks popular and what doesn't. The fact saidit doesn't have a downvote prevents this downvote brigading, which is extraordinarily common on reddit and destroys the quality of the information stream. This is one of saidit's primary features.

Having 2 ways to upvote is more options than most other sites out there, and furthermore you can sort by funny content or insightful content if you prefer, which is a feature reddit doesn't offer.

Thanks again for the feedback.

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Just became a member after watching (lurking 😎) this site and I really like the community. Please keep the insightful and fun votes. I read a few discussions about it and feel you made the best decision.