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I got another quick question; is there any way to completely block certain users, so I don't see their content/comments? Some users go overboard and spam, trying to get banned by spewing profanities, and I would just prefer if I perhaps could click their name, and press "block/hide/ignore" etc.

They should have their say, but it doesn't mean I should be forced to see it. So if there is a way, please let me know!

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Not yet, but we're going to add it. There is an ignore function, but it currently only works for private messages.

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Ok, thanks again! Browsing by new on here really gave me the need for it, as some people definitely have some opinions I don't share here. And that's cool, they should have a platform for free speech, I just want to be able to choose not to see it :)

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Yup, that completely makes sense! We will eventually get to it for sure.

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I feel the same. And yet I don't think this would help you , personally, to grow. This is a public place and if you mask part of the conversation you would be missing out. Simply ignoring that bad apple is probably the most simple and elegant solution.