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Yeah I just noticed it a few days ago, good to see. At first I thought it was watchpeopledie but it's watchredditdie which is much better lol.

I agree there is a lot more mentions of it lately. Even google searches for saidit have increased a lot:

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I had to go back digging for this, but they've been doing it for over a month! (Includes full automod quote and link for /u/ChipIt!)

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At first I thought it was watchpeopledie but it's watchredditdie which is much better lol.


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Good !

I wonder how many/few redditors are aware of Saidit. I know I'm going to pimp the site when it's appropriate.

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I'm doing to same, recommending it to everyone whenever appropriate.

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Absolutely disgusting. Other people dying should never be a form of entertainment. You completely throw away your humanity when you do that.

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Hey bro, it's "WatchRedditdie".


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Well, I'm an idiot.

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an idiot with their heart in the right place 🥰

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It's not really a form of entertainment it's more so the morbid curiosity, a lot of people also seem to watch that stuff to talk them out of suicide. It's easy to contemplate it but to actually be able to visualize someone splatting on the ground is something else. So when they see it happen on these videos it makes them reconsider it twice.

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I agree, but check Tom's post lol.

I could never stomach the real, WatchPeopleDie. That genre has been around 4ever, I remember when we were edgy teenagers, my friends would try to get me to watch shit like that and Bum Fights (oh, Limewire). I couldn't stomach it (funny coming from an ip2 user).

I much prefer the "WatchPeopleDieInside" theme all sites picked up lmao (4 context, this was after this streamer, onlyusemeblade, leaked his nudes while piss-drunk (he's an alcoholic) and everyone saw 'em cuz he sent them out to multiple people. He was trying to insult an overweight girl as most girls don't bite back with him, but..)

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So you assume that because we do it, it must not make us uncomfortable. And then, we obviously must be some sick people if it doesn't make us uncomfortable. Except that no, just because you never do anything that would make you uncomfortable doesn't mean other people wouldn't. There's huge benefits to learning how to overcome discomfort.

As for where the curiosity comes from, think about how popular the "action" genre is in movies/TV. Isn't that entertainment revolved around people dying? Except that 1 is fake and 1 is real. It still shows how normal morbid curiosity actually is.

Let's see what other incredibly stupid arguments do i hear about this... People have the right to stop other people from watching them die. As if it's like we're watching you go to the bathroom or take a shower. Pretty sure there is no right like that and there definitely shouldn't be, as getting killed has nothing to do with privacy.

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My stupid argument: I agree with everything you said. Both about overcoming discomfort/the fear of death, as well as humanity's inherit morbid curiosity that's socially acceptable to indulge in via MMA, Boxing, gore that emulates real life violence so well it may as well be real, but not the real thing, etc. Society is obsessed with violence and death.

However, I also see /u/x0x7's side of the argument; notice he used the words "a form of entertainment". It doesn't sound like it's too entertaining to you. The reasons you may potentially watch things like this sound understandable - you're exploring part of life, death. But I am sure there are some sick and edgy teenagers out there laughing at it who find it entertaining. Possibly even make it their identity if they're currently an outcast in time and don't have peers to look up to/guide them. And who knows what path that will lead them down mentally in the future?

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And who knows what path that will lead them down mentally in the future?

To play devil's advocate for a moment: If you're already an outcast without guidance a few horrifying videos aren't the problem. Video games, movies, and snuff films will not be the tipping point. Even if you could shelter such an individual from all of those things in the world, doing so would be an act of guidance. Something this theoretical person is without.

Edit: I'd also like to add that video games don't cause violence. :)

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whoever set up that auto-mod must be a saiditor. a lurker!

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I'm torn. I would like for saidit to thrive but honestly the best thing about this place is the lack of redditors.

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I'd suggest you only mention saidit to redditors you'd like to have here on saidit. There are still a few good people out there lost on the reddit sea of muck, if you can throw them a lifeline, everyone wins

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We can contain them and block their subs. easy.

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Would be nice to have a link, but I guess that's too much to ask.

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It's lazy not to include a link when you're talking about a topic like this. Not everyone is up on the sites that you use.

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Agree. I was mostly joking with you. ;) Enza's new link above is better anyway as it shows how far back they've been doing it. I'm actually surprised I hadn't noticed this myself because I've been subbed there forever.