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thank you guys for making this site into such a well performing tool. i think the unlimited history alone makes saidit more useful than the competition.

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No problem.

i think the unlimited history alone makes saidit more useful than the competition.

I agree. We intend to create something of historical record here, that will be as permanent as the internet allows. And full comment lookback is an important part of that historical record being accessible, so I couldn't be happier that d3rr got it working properly.

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truly amazing. lucky, that text compresses extremely well! i just hope the search function works too, i almost never use it, but now i think i should.

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I don’t think the Reddit/saidit codebase is set up for such compression.

I’ve switched over to using gzip encryption on the live db in keeping with the aim of cheap operation. All of saidit’s content and nab’s content with indexes fits in 4gb of disk space this way while operating. Before these optimizations it was taking 15Gb on disk.

My indexing system in its current form is not well suited for historical access though, I use a limit of 1000 items for most listings to keep performance reasonable. This can likely be improved in the future with some sort of hierarchical date based indexing.

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Date based indexing might also be good for incremental sharding, should you choose to share backups, decentralize, etc. rather than large complete-full-archive torrents.

(I'm talking abstractly out my ass in general concepts and have no idea how to practically do this in code.)

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It works pretty well, but it's not perfect. The search has lots of options you can view beneath the search bar, to help you refine your search.

And if all else fails, you can just use google or duckduckgo with the qualifier "" as part of your search.

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ah yes, should def use that. thanks again.

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Very nice! Thanks!

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Keep on hitting the important tweaks and the age and origin of the code isn't important. Like a vintage roadster, some of your favourite highschool tunes, a woman who's hot at any age, or the Millennium Falcon - some classics just stay cool with a modicum of upkeep.

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Well said.

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Was trying to link to this: grim reaper)? In comments.

The hyperlink contains a parenthesis at the end of the URL but the formatting can't differentiate between ending parenthesis of URL and the formatting for it in the comment. Henceforth the URL doesn't address properly.

Example: [grim reaper](

Probably not be a big deal. But just thought I'd give you a heads up on it in case it was important for any future issues.


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Oh I see, interesting. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll add it to our to-do list

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Oh actually here is how you do it, you need what's called an "escape character" that tells it not to regard that parenthesis as meaningful. Our escape character is \

grim reaper

So this will work, ending the link in Death_(personification\)) The \ tells it to ignore the first ) as a finishing statement to the link, so then it uses the second one as it should.

We might still automate this for this instance, but that's how you fix this issue. Thanks

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Great! Now I can finish up my other comment!

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