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As one of the people using ultra-throwaways, all I can say is that there's at least two people and you've been wrong about who it is all along.

So it's up to you other saidditors to figure out who you want to trust. A person that says they can see past the veil, or the person behind the veil themselves.

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You give me far too much credit, adversary! Consider this round 6:

Throughout the history of the internet, I am not the only goof using throwaways! My dark sinister plan for freedom is coming into fruition however MUAHAHA! As others are joining. The plan is to remove the nuisance of persistent identity with virtual tracking and have the username bank be recycled periodically. No owner-ship of virtual faggotry! Comments can be moderated and removed if they break the no physical violence rule. The rest ought to be free! ahem

Well the admins are an exception of course, they have to do their job in maintaining order and I really am not the only using throwaways. My writing style is distinct to myself and to my own topics. But consider leaving this option alone (creating throwaways) for others and recycle the username bank once its used up. You gotta discard and re-use!

A healthier planet is a re-usable one, just like a good social media site! Let the information or habits of the users/mods not stagnate!

Edit: Take heed /u/magnora7


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Stop pinging the admins please. We have no plans to change any of these things you mention.

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You're asking people to change their behavior because it's fruitless for people to ask you to change behavior...

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Yes. Thank you.

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Your lack of self-reflection and attempts of conversational dominance by presenting am absolutely one-sided and despotic solution, ignoring the response questioning the principal problem and then asserting some sort of agreement by ending the conversation with "thank you" as a confirmation of agreement doesn't make me inclined to accept your proposal.

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questioning the principal problem

What's the principal problem again?

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Just some fungus trying to spread its spores. Let's bring out the penicillin.

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6 comments, only 1 visible?

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I've seens quite a few. As long as the comment/post remains, it doesn't bother me.