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That looks great macadoum! Well done :D

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Looks pretty solid, nice work! I like the footer design, I might steal that for the whole site if you don't mind.

I noticed the vote buttons are messed up on your comment threads. Since you spent days working on it, I figured I could help you with this last thing so it's complete. Basically you need to remove the two following things from your CSS and it'll fix the comment thread voting buttons:

.comment .midcol {
width: 15px!important;
margin: 10px 5px; 

Comment those 2 width & margin items out, or delete them, or set them to "unset". Either way, it'll fix the buttons.

Nice theme, thanks for building stuff to make saidit even better!

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Yes of course, steal what you need for the site ! And thanks for the advice with comments, I don't even see that bug in the first place.

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Thanks. No problem, I've gotten very good at spotting CSS bugs over the last few months :)