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You're 100% right about that. It sucks ass but it's so easy to abuse a system so large. I heard recently about a guy who got fucked for something like this. The police get a tip on this guy and asked for a warrant to search his home, and they were subsequently denied (warrant was based entirely on hearsay). They modified the search request slightly, waited a couple of days, and took it to a different judge. The request was accepted, warrant was placed, search was conducted, and the guy was busted for illegal possession of a firearm. Fucking aye, I wish our rights were more than just illusions.

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lol, illegal possession of a firearm, its our right to bear arms, lol. no matter what type of gun, people are just so disinformed by the corporate federal media, that they dont know their rights anymore sadly.

the system is easily abused cause the original meanings of the constitution and the laws are so twisted, they can say it means anything and arrest you for anything they want.

separation of church and state is a perfect example, lol

we need to create a nation of our own i guess, lol.

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In a perfect world, man. It would be so nice to just get to chill on some island-nation, fucking around and just enjoying life

Not sure whatever the fuck to consider what I got put into, but our contemporary version of life sure is a lot less satisfactory than I'd like it, for sure.

Thank fucking god I wasn't born in the past though; like if we think shit's bad now I couldn't imagine then. But hey, different times, different cultures, right?

/high tangent over

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its far from a perfect world, if there is a such thing, but that doesnt stop us from creating a nation of our own.

i dont care if our nation(s) get formally recognized or not, as long as they dont mess with us, lol

actually despite whatever you mightve heard about the past, the past was great, good music, good times mostly.

things are very bad in today's state of things. the past mightve had some issues but things were mostly good.