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I think this decision probably caused a lot of distress for you and u/d3rr.

It's a little like the laws in place that hold restaurant owners responsible for patrons that drink, drive, and cause injury to others (and themselves). While the owner may not force the customer to drink or the bartender to serve them, the owner can still face charges for the injury inflicted by that customer because they provided the venue. Fair? Not really, but if your name is on the building you have to cover your ass, or find another profession.

If someone out there uses the grey market in a way that results in any harm, this venue will go down. And unfortunately, some “someone” always does in these kind of situations, eventually. While striving to provide a censorship free platform, you can't leave the door open to possible future litigation, otherwise your message will be totally lost. Say the site becomes successful and exposes news and truth that may not be positive towards those in positions of power, it would be too easy for them to shut it down and shut it up.

I think it stinks that the world operates like this, but this is the world we live in at the moment. I support your decision, and would do the same.

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Glad to have your support. It was a very tough decision, many hours were spent deliberating the merits of doing this or not doing it. Like you said, it just basically boils down to a liability issue that is beyond my control, and leaving this liability open is like leaving the site with an kill switch that anyone can access.

Getting rid of that kill switch helps promote the longevity of the site, and we want saidit to be around for years to come.

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Im not part of the team, but I messaged you earlier. I'd like to join and if allowed, we need to pack up and move to a dedicated.... You guys seriously did a HELL of a job with this site.. I could never do the modifications u guys did. Very proud of the devs. =]