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I see a "lock" link on my posts.. do you? At the top of the post. I guess I don't really know what it does or if it works.

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I mean the ability to lock individual comments, just like you can on the reddit redesign. The locking of the thread just disables the ability for non-mods or admins to comment on the thread.

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What does it do, no one can reply to a particular comment?

Yeah if there's enough demand for this, we can certainly do it. We do have 'contest mode' which is supposed to help with comment presentation somehow.

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No one can reply and the user can't edit it (not sure about the editing thing though).

Contest mode hides the insightful/fun for non-mods and randomizes the comments randomly (say if the user usually sorts the comments by "top" it would sort as "insightful" or maybe as "fun").

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No one can reply

I donno man, it sounds kinda heavy handed. You can always remove a comment entirely then no one can reply. When is this even used, for when something is too contentious to allow replies? We're trying to encourage debate here and exchange of ideas.

You can try to build a consensus for this feature on /s/IdeasForSaidit

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I agree with you, thread locking was a rampant problem on reddit and isn't something that belongs on saidit ideally. Problem users should be removed individually, I see no real reason to ever lock a thread.

We do have the capability for it, as our threads auto-lock at 9999 days (can we change that to 999999 days btw?)

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9999 days (can we change that to 999999 days btw?)

Please look that up for me. Also look into the crazy ass hot algorithm math. It's all based off of a date in 2006 or something. As the codebase gets older, the algorithm skews?

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As the codebase gets older, the algorithm skews?

lmao I hope not, that's goofy as heck. I think the setting is in that configuration.ini file that you set with 'make ini'

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It's a new type of lock I didn't even know about. Go reddit, get that badspeech.

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haha yeah they have so many ways of shadowbanning and locking and blocking that we don't have. It's like what they spent most of 2015-2018 developing lol

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I don't want to remove the comment unless it's something that goes super against the general correct ideology. Like if we have someone say something that's not correct, I won't have to remove it, I will be able to lock it. That way anyone will be able to see and the user won't edit the comment and say:"I was banned from here and you are all stupid" or something.