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This is the perfect sub for discussion of saidit. The admins already work really hard on saidit for free so it's important to prioritize suggestions with as much consideration as possible. Are you suggesting that the sidebar functionality that exists for subs to be added to profiles? If you create a sub then it will be listed on your profile and you can post links to threads from there. What advantages does your suggestion have compared to this method?

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and you can post links to threads from there.

That sounds a bit vague to me, honestly. I didn't understand what you said.

What I mean is, on reddit, we can make a thread on a subreddit, and then choose to pin it on our profile (not crosspost it on our profile, pin it). Then the users who browse our profile see that post on our profile, but when they click "comments", they get redirected to the subreddit the thread was created at.