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Hey man. Nope, /s/home has no easy user control, it's essentially /s/all minus /s/ads. It probably shouldn't exist, it's more confusing than it's worth. The spammers don't listen and never post to /s/ads.

If you manually visit urls like this, you can accomplish your filtering (the dash being minus, for remove sub):

We have 'block sub' functionality on our roadmap which seems like a good fit for things you have no interest in.

Also, for any new users reading this, the content of the homepage itself (, is configurable in your preferences. It can be subscribed or home or all.

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Ahaaaa thanks for the info, makes sense! Also a good little trick re adding minus in the URL.

We have 'block sub' functionality on our roadmap which seems like a good fit for things you have no interest in.

Great stuff. It's nothing against a particular sub, there are just some things I have zero interest in and it would be nice to filter it out. I am happy to be a crash test dummy for this if you need a testerer.

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Filtering subs is probably the most important issue to ensure the growth of saidit at the moment. Browsing the posts on the new tab is a great way to find and support subs that you are not subscribed to. The manual filtering is great but there just needs to be a way to make it readily available to the average user. Perhaps there can just another tab where subs that have immigrated to saidit with an already strong community can be listed at the top but all their posts are excluded from the lists of posts.

The whole chat performance bottleneck is probably the second most important issue so we all really appreciate your hard work on it. Maybe it just needs to have a button that the user clicks before it gets enabled on the page. That would let pages load without the delay of waiting for chat to load but still make it easy to access.

Another issue that was raised during this latest immigration was the conflict between magnora7 and SolarEclipse about the asianfemalehate sub. I think there's some grey area and a slippery slope against free speech. We just need to have the rule carefully thought out to allow as much freedom of speech as is pragmatic and then have the rule and its parameters clearly spelled out. Thank you again for all the hard work you put into saidit.

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Agree, this should be priority #1 ATM.
I am glad that all subs are included by default in the home tab. But because we are bound to have subs that are disproportionately popular (especially in this growth period), we are going to get the home tab clogged by topics that don't interest us (or offend those with thinner skins). Eventually, there probably should be a tab with only subs to subscribe to, but that is less important right now.

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Another thing that can be done is turning off the NSFW option. That got rid of most of what I didn't want to see without having to change the home tab. It'll only work for one of the new communities though.