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The central question in the Jewish Problem was that in the old world order, monarchy and aristocracy, Jews had a special position as king’s people. There is no doubt about this. They had privileges and restrictions. If the Kings of Edom were destroyed, this position had to change. If Jews were to assimilate, they would lose their identity and their leaders would lose the people, but assimilation was not so easy because Jews become to be in direct competition with Christians.

Jews had better education than Christians, more money and they had their social networks because of their former special position, not from a higher genetic intelligence as some try to claim.

This situation could only create new Anti-Semitism even where it did not earlier exist. Therefore Zionists wanted a home country, and finally it had to be in Palestine. The plan was made and executed by using all connections, but the result is seen now and it is not good. In modern time you should not do what Israel is currently doing. There is always a solution, here there is no wish to find a solution.

Assimilation also failed. Two million Jews stayed in the Soviet Union, but they finally did not assimilate and most of them immigrated to Israel after Communism fell.

The reality, of course, is that Jews were reliable supporters and partisans for Communism during World War II, a period that witnessed the peak of propaganda against Judeo-Bolshevism. Rather than being a controversial opinion, this is one of the findings of Jewish historian Dov Levin in his Baltic Jews Under the Soviets, 1940–1946 (1994) and The Lesser of Two Evils: Eastern European Jewry Under Soviet Rule, 1939–1941 (1995), as well as a host of histories by other academics. And after World War II, Jews dominated communist governments throughout Eastern Europe.'S_WILLING_EXECUTIONERS_JEWS_AS_A_HOSTILE_ELITE_IN_THE_USSR_The_Jewish_Century

There was a western understanding of Judeo-Bolshevism to the Western trope of “Judeo-Christian” civilization. It was a modern sociological construct designed to place (primarily) American Jews within a “universalist rubric” [p.224] and, later, to promote the pro-Zionist image of a:

“transatlantic community of values” united against Islam [p.281].

This is itself part of the broader twentieth-century development in which the Jewish Question disappeared from mainstream Western discourse, only to be replaced with the ‘Whiteness’ Question and, most recently, the Islamic Question.

It cannot be said that assimilation succeeded in the USA, as there is the pro-Israel lobby and many powerful dual citizens and neocons. It is not strange that assimilation fails. Nobody has managed to assimilate Basques. Russians did not manage to assimilate Finns, Poles or Jews. But there is a difference, since none of these other people ever tried to use their position as a group to take over an entire country.