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Use any media necessary.

Could you forsee it being animated? Is it safe to assume that the episodes will all have a unified theme and mode?

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i can forsee it being animated.

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Are you ready to do the narration?

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do you have the script ready? i dont know what you are doing, but i can record it using my flip4 barrel bluetooth speak... it has a nice sound circuit in it.

and then, when it comes right down to it, i have an android with an mp3 recorder that does a decent job all by itself.

again, i dont know what it is you are doing, but i will do my best to assist you.


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I'm still tweaking the music. Once that is locked in, based on the mood and pacing we can work on and discuss and evolve the script. I can even make a telepromter video with the words and audio wave form so you can see the timing.

When the time comes you can record with any and all devices simultaneously. Then we can compare sound quality and performances. I may even try recording several versions that you can emulate or at least see what could potentially be in a performance (if I don't cuck it up and/or if my voice doesn't sound too bad or like Kermit The Frog).

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Animation is a lot of work. I've developed some concepts for animating over the last decade but they can come later. Initially it's going to just be good editing.

The variety show's only themes are listed above - glossy productions for free-thinking and truth-seeking aimed at the normie sheeple. The choir may of course enjoy too.