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I agree, and I feel the same. I seriously think about 70% of reddit posts and comments are bots now. Not joking one bit.

The donald people mostly went to (which itself is full of shills and bots). Then everyone else is just kind of split between saidit, voat, ruqqus, gab, and a few others. And some are still holding on at reddit. But the more I'm there, the less it feels like real humans are there. Everyone once in a while I have a real conversation and it stands out like a sore thumb. I don't know where everyone else has gone either. I think a lot of people left the internet (or stopped commenting) as it became too abrasive (which is what the trolls intended to have happen by being so abrasive).

There's this weird feeling now, like there's only 1000 people on the internet or something. It feels oddly small and inactive across the whole internet, all websites combined. There's just so much bot and shill traffic, now that that is a "thing" that basically all big corporations and governments do.

And all the antiwar discussion is effectively silenced via information warfare techniques that destroyed or diluted forums, except at a few places like saidit.

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The thing is because of the culture on reddit even if you're not a bot you end up typing like one. They not only have their approved set of ideas which everyone repeats to get upvotes but all the in jokes which everyone trots out on cue. It sounds awful but the truth is it's highly seductive to act that way. You feel you are part of something, some tribe who all know the same rituals and stories. You are one of the gang. When many people are social isolated (well before covid) it's a really powerful thing. People aren't looking for conversations or debate, they are looking to replace the social support system they've lost.

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Nah, bots are everywhere and outnumber users on reddit. Stop trying to demoralize your opposition. I remeber reddit many many years ago and I know that is is basically a perception management site filled with behavioral modification bots. Because that is orecisely what these bots try to do, if not, then distract and waste your time.

Inknow the difference from arguing with users who have diametrically opposed viewpoints on reddit. Some even post fallacies like it is their job, but they write different in many ways from a bot, and the more you converse with an intricately programmed bot, the more you can see through its Facade

There are millioms of bots using algorithms. I have experienced first hand and they are quite good at arguing and conversing with fallacies but certain data and signs give them away. The intricate ones are harder to spot, however.

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There's this weird feeling now, like there's only 1000 people on the internet or something. It feels oddly small and inactive across the whole internet, all websites combined.

There's just so much bot and shill traffic, now that that is a "thing" that basically all big corporations and governments do.

Yes, it is odd, indeed. The new generations, as I've come to learn and observe, do not use the Internet for learning. That is, they rarely if ever use the Internet to search and read articles and books which are not state sponsored propaganda or some form of ideological subversion. They stick to apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, Snapchat news, which promotes weird psychological operations and demoralization campaigns, specifically targeting kids and promoting transgenderism and bad habits; or to the confines of mainstream Twitter. I say mainstream because there are amazing shadowbanned users on twitter which you cannot even search for or look up their posts, you have to go in and out of your way to find these users. I know that they are screwing with search allgorithms, probably on an amount that is very great, because I waste more time finding things I could once find quite easily.

Google has all but memory-holed blogs that go against mainstream sanctioned narratives. Duckduckgo, as I had used that search engine for quite sometime is now censoring a lot of material. The owner, Weinberg, even admits to it.

So, Google's alternative is still terrible.

I have found searx in root forum to work well. I'll search something like: 9/11 false flag Mossad, sometimes with added filters, such as site:"" and I'll get everything I was looking for. It really scours all corners of the Internet.

Do that for Google or duckduckgo and you'll get not even 1/15th of the sites and the entire first page will have links attacking the conspiracy hypotheses as wrong.

YouTube is even more idiotic. If you searched something like Sandy Hook conspiracy between 2012 - 2015 thousands of videos would pop up. Now it is just mainstream propaganda.

I tried to search on YouTube "IMF president Christine Lagarde's numerology speech or the law of seven."

Hundreds of videos on the president of the world bank talking to an elite conference about numerology.

Now, when I search this, all that comes up is how great she is and how she was on Trevor Noah's shitty comedy show. Scroll down to the comments and young people are praising this devil because, why? Because she is a women in high power making the patriarchy run for their money.

To note: that video of her talking about numerology, she admits that from 2014 to 2020 we will have good years of economic growth. But as she explains the law of 7, or 7 year cyclical doldrum cycles, 2021 will be very bad. And from 2021 to 2028 the economic crisis will be horrible.

1988 Econ mag told us to GET READY for world currency in 2018. The banks did! 2021 will be the year. Look what they did to India! They tried to digitize the economy and all money as a test to see if it could work here. It didn't work because 39% of Indian's are illiterate and 86% are poor, but the goal was to siphon money out of India's informal economy. This is all under the auspices of the "cororaate Green movement" mind you. Also, Operation Warp-speed is quite odd, because now the military is openly saying EVERYONE MUST get the vaccine. Maybe they mean, one must get it to to do anything, but that rhetoric, nevertheless, is quite scary.

I had predicted for years that 2021 would be the year of extreme transformation, it is, after all, 33 years from 1988 when they told us about world currency and the digitization of economies and people; and now the president of the WEF has openly stated, becuase they tell you the things that they plan to do to wipe the karma on us, that there WILL be a economic collapse to implement the 4th Industrial Revolution very soon. I hope I'm wrong, because the WEF president said the next crisis, which WILL COME, will be abrupt and far worse than the stock market collapse in March. How does he know this?

Anyway, try to find any of these videos via Google and you cannot.

I don't really know any of the new generation of kids who even use the Internet what it was suppose to be used for. It IS the Free Press and is being heavily subverted by governments and tech giants.

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They all suck, that is the problem. If I don't get a solution by Friday, I fund the development of one.