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and the economist. the magazine of the elites.

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Good call. The magazine of crap economics.

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You mean the magazine that lays out their ethos so that their next moves can be anticipated

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Very crap economics. I always wondered about Michael Hudson, have you've heard of him. Does he seem like a genuine economist. I'm thinking of buying one of his books. He was given the acedemic writings and memiors of Trotsky. I do not trust many economists but he seems legit and knowledgable.

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Michael Hudson is a classical economist. He seems legit.

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Just ordered one of his books on historic and biblical debt jubilee, which seems like nowadays is the creditor jubilee, i.e. bailing out the banks.

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Check out David Graeber. He's an anthropologist who has done research on the history of debt.
His work is very interesting.

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David Graeber

I did, he has worked with hudson and has articles on counterpunch. I'll have to read some more stuff that he's done.

I bought this book from hudson, the cover is Jesus flipping the tables and whipping the money changers in the temple. Hudson believes that Jesus came to restore the Jubilee and restore those in debt from interest. This angered not only the Romans but also the pharisees.

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I hope you bought the hardcover for $3 more.

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The media is definitely controlled, but to what extent? I'm not a wackjob, but I do listen to just about anything, usually to gain a new perspective. So, several years back, there was that DallasGoldBug guy, who claimed all the media events were stage plays with the same folks dressed up as different folks, and acting.

Since then, there's obviously been a lot of stuff that doesn't add up. An easy example of things not adding up, are the youtubes that show hundreds of news presenters from across the country parrot the same news story word for word.

Long story short, I have to wonder what's news, and what's a stage play; after all, the world's a stage!

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That more or less true.

However the AP and Reuters are the global wire feed networks that filter the news from around the world to almost every news agency.

This is more serious than ever, as news papers and tv programming is cutting back on journalists and investigative reports on staff. Even more news is now filtered under the control red shield. That's why they can have so much per with so little public awareness.

The devil that you don't know even exists.

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AP and Reuters

And it's like 90% Reuters. AP is only about 10%, and it's mostly images and other media. So almost all news in the US is sourced from Reuters, headquartered in London.

6 media companies own 95% of US media in all forms, and almost all 6 use Reuters as the basis of their news media platforms.

That's why I like Reuters, because it's like getting it "straight from the horse's mouth". It's the mothership of all the rest of the news, partially because it's so neutral. Even though it's certainly biased at times, usually regarding Israel's actions. It still does a pretty good job of painting the full picture if you're able to read between the lines. I think the worst thing Reuters does is lying by omission.

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On the note of cutting back on reporters, I'm noticing more, and more 'news' that seemingly is written by bots, or non English speakers. Poor grammar, incomplete sentences, misspelling, et el.

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Could be bots. Do you have any links to these articles?

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Negative, not off the top of my head; just done a lot of reading, and observation. If nothing else, then the art of editing, or being an editor is gone lol.

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Yeah I agree with that. I think it's because of all the foreign news agencies writing news that floats around the internet, and then 10% because people don't proofread much anymore

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The news is mostly staged. What the corporate media and local news broadcast on a national level is almost always political theater. As the government according to Frank Zappa is the entertainment industry of the industrial military complex. In many cases the stories are fictional, staged and manufactured to produce a social engineering outcome. If you have a twitter, subscribe to nbc news, people mag, and newweek. Wait and watch through your feed. Read the headliens and stories, many of them seem almsot too over the top to believe.

I read one which I can not seem to find, that talked about a border patrol officer shooting at a target with the head of a trans immigrant.

Here's another fictional story:

Here's another:

They make up stupid names with aliases for example the FAKE Maryland shooting. Victims in Maryland warehouse shooting identified

45, Sunday Aguda : What kind of name is that! Nothing in SSID database.

41, Brindra Giri : Brindra? Yeah no.

41, Hayleen Reyes : Can't seem to find in SSID.

19, Hassan Mitchell : Yeah, no.

45, Wilfredo Villegas : Nope

45, Acharya Purina : So, dumb.

Investigators have found evidence that the woman who killed three people and wounded others before #killing herself at a Maryland drugstore warehouse

Suspect, 26-year-old Snochia Moseley.



And three are 45 and two 41, not believable to me.

and another:

Pizzagate was infiltrated and became a PSYOP after the PSYOP Comet Ping Pong shooting. The headline says it all. And in doing so you get views such as this:

This is why I say that the ppl who put out these false stories are dangerous. Bc of these false stories innocent ppl and their businesses are being targeted. The FBI needs to get involved and seriously prosecute these folks.

Create the problem, Control the reaction, give them the solution...

And they are now legally allowed to broadcast fiction and PSYOPS as real via the signing of the Smith Mundt Modernization Act. As if that didn't stop them before. So, don’t waste your time pointing out the hypocrisies, inconsistencies, or general absurdities of the positions and politicians of the Left or Right. They can’t help it. They’re written that way. That is why news stories are increasingly bizarre in order to keep the audience’s interest. Keeping us entertained will continue to become more and more difficult. This is not a sustainable trend.

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Also, dallas Goldbug is 100% a shill. He thinks the George Zimmerman obese women witness is Keenan Thompson and that Jordan Maxwell is Bill Cooper.