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Maybe they think they own Musk after Soros put in 300 million?

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Interesting possibility. I'm not sure Soros really likes the rothschilds though, I think they might be competitors (with Soros being an underdog). But it's totally possible they're in cahoots and it's a controlled opposition situation, Soros had to get those billions from somewhere.

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I got started down this road of Soros being a Rothschild guy because they helped start Soros' Quantum fund back in the day:

I think it helps to explain how Soros can be "anti Israel" and be in business with Kushner at the same time- it's all a trick, Soros is the left manipulation to the Zionists' right manipulation.

Just guessing here but I've heard it from others too. Maybe it's an oversimplification to put them completely on the same team.

Edit: the Soros Rothschild connection is hard to verify but here's some more:

(a legit magazine?)