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In those intense days, we knew the bridge blockade was a historical moment in time - and we often jested each other about the epic book we would write (perhaps on https://Projex.Wiki), heroically lionizing each other's contributions.

After watching this video and my YouTube comment copied below, I wonder if perhaps we actually should write that unwritten chapter for posterity's sake.

@Live From The Shed & @Clyde Do Something - There is a whole missing chapter about the Windsor Ambassador Bridge blockade - the very excuse Trudeau needed (and artificially created) to enact his Emergency malarkey. I was the last to walk away (with Andrew) Sunday morning when hundreds of police (stole my stuff and ) reclaimed Huron Church Road up to Tecumseh Road. The police were blocking everything infinitely better than the protesters ever could. It was engineered from the top down and there's abundant evidence the whole thing was an orchestrated psyop that capitalized on good people who were fed up with the 2 years of nonsense.