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can it be at noon

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If it's like any of the stuff I've been around, there will always be indecisive lingering at the least and at most there will be meetings, speeches, etc for at least 2 hours - always the convenient limit for parking tickets when a 3 or 4 hour limit would have been more practical.

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haha good point, announce it to start at 9am, people might get there by noon then

all BS aside this is one of the more important posts here

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all BS aside this is one of the more important posts here

I'm a little surprised it didn't get more notice. I was even considering reposting it today in a few hours at a better time - or next week in a new sub.

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yeah it might be the kind of thing worth posting a few times, I mean saidit is one thing but I'd want that meme to go viral over social media.

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This can go in /s/Preppers and next week I was going to start a new sub: /s/Organizing

Feel free to post it or create that sub or wait then post in both.

Organizing can be about anything topical - from the classic movement from over a decade ago: GTD Getting Things Done (I got both books for me and my Dad) to organizing resistance to tyranny on every level: local, regional, state/provincial, national, global. And more.

More than just analysis, and related to this sub, I was going to call it /s/ResistanceOrganizing, but realized the title could be shorter, the topic broader, and if your resistance is not pragmatic and getting things done it doesn't have much chance anyway.

Even better and more practical than the sub (I hope) will be the Projex.Wiki we're working on.