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But why is this not posted under the orignal author's name though.

His handle is @JewsForHitler and @GottMitUns

Wait, is he here? Lemme ping these as usernames, see what happens.

u/JewsForHitler and u/GottMitUns is this your video?

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What if Hitler were Gay, Black, and Jewish and killed everyone who wasn't? Would that still have been a crime against humanity? Here's your answer.

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The Hell we aren't. Read the Torah.

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I was going to argue with a subhuman. Sigh. Enjoy being blocked.

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Enjoy the gulags.

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God rejected you. He can make you his people. He can un-make you his people. Why would he scatter you if not a rejection of you? You chose to not be his people when you and your people adulterated with other gods. From that point the tent of who is God's people expanded to any group that respects him. You may say that you respect him now and don't worship idols like your ancestors, and therefore that doesn't apply to you. Then you are only his people on the same grounds as anyone else. You want the here and now to apply rather than the past. But you also want the past to apply rather than the here and now. You are double minded.