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Younger women are dating older men (because money)

Oh, so now it's just straight up misogyny.

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Reality isn't sexist, but those who deny it are.

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So why else do creepy old pervs get young ladies? As a woman TRUST me yes many women are THAT shallow.

MOST guys like young stupid women because they are easier to shape and mold into the perfect sex doll. Keep getting mad but you can't deny reality.

Also, OnlyFans. Looks at all the "classy" talent that show their assholes to strangers for a small fee.

Lmao call out this bullshit when you can before it is your wife or kid showing their bits for pennies 😂🤡

I heard young guys are so porn obsessed they can't keep it up so that may also factor in.

Everyone is a sick fuck I have realized as of late. About to just give up (married and would never date again if I divorce!)

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Big pinkpill