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Because people do what they're told to do. 40 years ago your views were mainstream and they still would be if the people who want to push society in a certain direction hadn't figured out how people can be easily manipulated through the media and then through social conformity (plus dysgenics). An incel elite could do the same thing but for us. It'll never happen.

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IQ mogs xi jinping

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Oppression totem poll.

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neighbour incels are unironically the most oppressed group. Contrary to other "minorities", there is actually a concerted effort to bully us

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That's an odd question since the soyboys and the incels are the same people.

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The AIDS crisis was a result of government neglect, gay people were literally begging the president to step in. Also, straight men will fuck corpses, animals, and children but gay people are the disgusting ones?

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The government neglected to do what? Force them to stop fornicating? Well, they raided plenty of bathhouses and clubs so they made an attempt at least. Most serial killers, the type to fuck corpses, are homosexual. They disproportionately target children too, the ideal gay partner of the "AIDS Crisis" era was the twink type. And animals... Dogs are a man's best friend but a woman's lover. That's called the dogpill.

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first off actually wrong, most were heterosexual and literally no woman fucks dogs, idk where that came from and if you want people to stop fornicating look at you lot always thinking about sex. There's a reason morgues don't hire men anymore...

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Unless I am able to psychically connect with 80s gay males across time and space there is no way I could stop them fornicating with my own thoughts. You read that nonsense about morgues on Twitter, and the cheek of someone who claims to have been banned from incel spaces for sexual harassment chastising others for sex obsession.

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I am that someone dumbass

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Yes, you're the one I was talking to AND the one I was referring to.

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Well i wasn't claiming, it truly did happen and i guarantee if i try to go back now there'd be a riot. Also it didn't initially start with morgues

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That's still Twitter just reposted on some bizarre clickbaiting website called "GOD".

There'd be a riot, yeah? That bad? Right. Why would there be a riot?

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bc they know how i work and they'd all be once again begging the mod to get rid of me but he won't unless i posted something genuinely TOS breaking, and sadly bc im an adult my nudes don't count. they say women are on easy mode and the ones that don't immediately block me will sing a different tune. anyway riot was too strong of a word, it'd be more like when some guy 30 years ago was banned from a bar and when he tried to come back after 30 years some random dude shouted 'get tf out, dennis'