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I've got a better idea, heres where you need to go. You could have paid for a few trips like this for the amount youve wasted buying dumb shit on your credit cards

"Zona Norte" Tijuana Red-light district (Its basically south san diego). Legal prostituion

"Street girls charge 200 pesos ($11) for basic service and will charge 100 pesos ($5.50) for addons to that basic service."

I'm sure they'll be happy to paint their nails for you, this has got to be one of the tamer requests they get. Why don't you go have a nice vacation before you decide if you are miserable enough to off yourself, maybe an improved mood will bring a change of heart.

You can trust me when I say this is a good idea, I identify as both a doctor and a spiritual guru.

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This is most likely the best option.

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You should try “Zone Norte”.

I hear there’s some good YouTube videos on it.

Where ur from? I’ll plan the trip. You promise to take pics.

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That shouldn't be the end to your journey, just the end to that particular event. If a woman's hands with painted nails is your fetish, then fine. As others have said, there are women who will work with you on this. Some for pay, some for reciprocity of what they want or need. Your vision is too myopic. Look at the big picture. Find your comfort zone and take control of your life while still being respectful of others.

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Yeah man just go all the way to San Diego to get gay STDs.