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So when women judge that you aren't good enough, its not OK, but you'd do the same thing? Lmao

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He's not doing "the same thing." There are no female incels simply because "StShitpostCel" doesn't like tattoos. That low IQ belongs on Reddit.

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OP literally states he would never sleep with women of a certain appearance or behaviors, which I believe is exactly the same thing that incels say is a great injustice when it is done to them by women who don't want to sleep with you for the same reasons. Its OK for StShitpostCel to judge women as trash, but if they think he is trash, its totally unfair! If you can't see how this is hypocritical, I think you are the one with the low IQ

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He can hold any frivolous standard he wants. There are no female incels because he doesn't like tattoos. Inceldom is a systemic problem that only afflicts low status men like the OP and me.

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Then women can hold any frivolous standards they want too, which he does not seem to meet. The only difference is everyone agrees you don't meet the standards

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They aren't frivolous if "everyone" agrees. You really are a natural redditor.

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So judging people for frivolous reasons is OK, but more serious reasons are a no-no? This is some high grade copium, and a truly bizarre place to draw a line in the sand over judgements about mate valuation. Please toss in some more ad-hominems and name calling to make your case, as that seems to be the best you can do

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It is frivolous because it has no effect, idiot. There are no female incels.

Anyway, if you want to have a reddit-style argument, let's go. You have a problem with him for judging others and so you judge him. You're a hypocrite.

Please toss in some more ad-hominems...

Oh God, it really is a redditor. 🤣 There are no "ad-hominens" from me. Maybe from you though, since you judged the OP based on knowing that he was an incel.

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You have a problem with him for judging others and so you judge him.

No you idiot, I don't care that he judges others, I only laugh at him because he cries like a faggot when when others do the same thing. Pathetic. We have standards, but how dare women have standards we don't meet! Thank god women find you disgusting and you defective autists arent reproducing

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You said he was being hypocritical, you lying cretin. Incels are allowed to have "standards" just like you or anyone else. Regardless incel "standards" don't compare to female ones, which is why there are only male incels. In this case, the hypothetical women will fail to join StShitpostCel's harem through self-inflicted, Godless, sinful behaviour, not the cruel hand of biology. Not that it matters since he's not the chooser. You are the chief dribbling retard among dribbling retards.

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There are no female incels because a incel is someone incapable of getting sex. It's exclusively male.

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That’s why you are an incel. You won’t touch most women.

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if he were a chad

As a chad he wouldn't whore around, but find his one true love and settle down. No incel will reject a foid he had a chance with because she has tatoos. Fuck off tourist

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This is a list, of locations, that you can go to, where hard working women will jerk you off, after rubbing your back for three hours.

300$ = 70$ per hour + 120$ for hand job

If you have any issues with women. This will fix your problems. And you will come back with a better understanding of women.

Fuck you coward.

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I've been to prostitudes. I didn't really help me besides lowering virgin anxiety a bit

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Read the title.

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The jews have turned those perfect women against us.

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Chads wouldn't touch most women either.

They get to choose.

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Smart man.

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