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Women: Men only want one thing and it's disgusting!

Men: If it's disgusting maybe you should clean it?

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The only winning move is not to play.

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If you play, you are portrayed as loser because you will lose, but if you don't play - you also are percieved as loser because you know you lose.

Simply not playing has no power here, you have to exploit the rigged game win which you are supposed to lose for your benefit, even if it's really small

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if you don't play theres no one nagging you to do shit, no on shaming you for so called loser interests, no need to live up to some stupid ideal of manhood, no stress that youre gonna be cheated on, no one draining your income, no one to risk sending you to jail from a false accusation, and so on.

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I mean, of course.

Other men get kissed and hugged without even having to flirt or talk to girls.

Meanwhile I am forced to take my (1 in a thousand) chances with cold approach.

There's no problem, just suck it up and be a man!

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Bluepillers/Women: Women are not your therapists, women won't fix you.

My favorite twitch streamer: Depressed for literally 3 years, stopped uploading youtube videos, only streamed once a month if that. Gets a girlfriend and starts uploading on youtube daily, starts talking more positively, streams on twitch every night, finally starts going to the gym and staying healthy, stops talking a monotone depressed voice.

It's almost as if having someone permanently in your life that isn't family and who you aren't literally PAYING to talk to you like some sort of prostitute allows you to focus on someone else and realize you have other people to live for. Strange

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Have you tried wearing a wedding ring? I hear guys who put on a ring suddenly get all the pussy. Women want what other women want.

If you're really desperate, go to a 12 step meeting. There's tons of fucked up women there who have obliterated their previous relationships and need someone to care for them. Junkies need love too.

Or big girls. That's just more woman to love.

F2M pre-op tranny, she'll probably let you fuck her in the ass.

Femcels, why haven't the femcel and incel factions gotten together? It seems so logical.

And are you trying your luck with enough women here? Even guys who seem like total Chads who get laid all the time strike out a lot. It's a numbers game. If 1 out of 100 women decide to sleep with you, that's still 100% success.

Don't discount grannies either. Old girls need the cock too. Get you some silver fox.

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Every single sentence in this comment is not only wrong, but also retarded

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Female junkie standards are still female standards. For example, one study showed that 94% of women will reject a man solely for him being too short. That's "women" not "Stacey volleyball players", just to restate. Our pathetic standards ("please love me") aren't the problem.

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I'm looking at Stulp's work:

while average height men experienced greater reproductive success than taller or shorter men ([13]; findings that were replicated by [14] and [15])

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born between 1937 and 1940

We're talking older than literal boomers. And it was "average" (equivalent to 5'10 now) height not short, and in a more traditionally monogamous society.

This is TinderWorld 2023.

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Incel uprising when? Mazurro you must lead the charge of the incel army. Take strength from your ancestors at Tours and defeat the chadpire that oppresses us.