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Totally insane people take the Gun Free Schools Act as a message from God about where you are supposed to go on your shooting spree. Of course you go where the victims have been disarmed to help you get a high score!

Sane people, slightly mad people, moderately insane people, none of them get it. They all confuse words and deeds. It is the normie way. So pass a law, called Gun Free Schools Act and normies have normal peoples reactions "I'm so glad that schools are free of guns."

Meanwhile totally insane people really love that they are special and the rules don't apply to them. A Gun Free School is a no shooting back school. You are supposed to do your shooting spree there, it is in the name of the law, the No Shooting Back At School Act.

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crazy people are crazy don't try to understand them

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Your dad got laid didnt he? Is he a giga chad?

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is your dad 20 years old with flowing hair and a six pack who flips bored apes for a hustle and has a blonde victoria's secret model instagram superstar giga stacy bombshell sidepiece on his private jet that he just finished nutting in?

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Nope, but my Dad got laid too. As did several billion other dads and the vast majority of them were not giga chads but I wouldn't be the least surprised if a bunch of them have sons that dont get laid because they are spoiled lazy entitled whiners who have zero personality because they spent most of their life in a video game and have no clue how to behave around women.

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well my dad is a giga chad.

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I say this all the time, most politicians do not live in guarded homes. ANYONE could just walk up to most politicians and blow their heads off and drive off. In Mexico, politicians literally live in fear because they could walk out of their home and be killed right on the sidewalk. If we want change in the USA, just ONE person has to be brave enough to pull a gun on a politician and kill them. That would change the entire political landscape.

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or a mob could coordinate a very skilled operation to continuously make their lives miserable by making sure that everywhere they go, every corner they turn, there's someone there to pull their pants down. lol. honestly, if someone actually got close enough to pants one of these celebrity politicians and it was caught on camera, it would go down in american history and change the course of human history forever.

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faggotry and fedposting? animerespector come the fuck on and ban this nigga

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I agree. A waste.

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swapping nfts

Sounds like they're really living it up

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Schools fuck you up first, that's a powerful imprint. When they they're attacking the school they're attacking the world that hurt them, and sending a defiant message on top. It doesn't matter if the little girl they're actually gunning down just liked to draw and dress up as a princess.

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fuck school but i agree don't make some incel's life even worse just cuz you cant get pussy brah