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of course, life's not fair is just normie-speak for: Ive acted like a massive tard my entire life, but dont point it out, or complain because "reasons".

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Dude. I have been fucked by the system. I say life is not fair all the time.

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You gotta admit a lot of people make an excuse out of it though. "Life isn't fair so treating you unfairly is righteousness!"

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I use it as a reason to keep going. Life isn’t fair, don’t focus on it, move on.

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I do focus on it, because healing wounds can be painful. We're never going to get out of here or solve anything if we just ignore the problems with this world or even flat out deny them. Telling yourself the world is aiming for some ultimate greater good may help you cope in the moment, but it could also lead to you being stuck in it for eons. We've gotten to the point now where even most religious people outright worship the world and its ways. And this even creates more evil, because it only leads to scapegoating and justifying horrible things. Like Morpheus said, the people who've come to depend on the system will fight to protect it. That's true about society too, but also about much greater forces than humans know of. I know the matrix is for real. There's literally no other explanation for the world's existence.

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When I first knew you, you were telling me to stop inciting violence.

And, I understood your position. People who host us do not want to see calls for violence.

And then I saw a few of your posts. And I realized, you are not here to stop violence. You are here to spread the word.

You introduced me to the Taurus.

You introduced me to the water wheel.

And once we know, we all know it to be the truth.

This is beyond consciousness. Our “god” wants us to know of the existence.

You are correct.

We have found our god. We have found the meaning to life.

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It's a torus shape. I don't know what a taurus is.

I wouldn't be so sure this is everything. I guarantee you we've barely even begun to scratch the surface.

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Yea. I was shit faced the other night.

But the water wheel is the Taurus. There’s google videos that talk about it.

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I'll look into it

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To be honest, even when I statusmaxxed a bit and some normie would be below me in this field, I wouldn't use "Life is not fair" but not because it's stupid, but because I am damaged in other fields so much it doesn't matter.

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how did you statusmaxx? Did you give out favour and be useful but teaching them in uni? I want to try it but I always feel low status even when I try to be more useful. It's a fine line between being respected and a doormat

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Not really - I don't interact with people in uni, I treat them as bugs wandering around. What I did, was to focus purely upon myself, studying, finding a job and focusing myself on being better in a field, I earn now decent money, whenever I have to pass some exams I do it with ease. They don't bother me or rather watch me with amaze - they know I have nothing to lose and I can make their lifes miserable within minutes.

Example from last semester - there was a project to write an app with documentation for our entire year and they don't even know how to code properly and would fail miserably. I did it within a day (learning myself doing that) and then I was allowed by professor to assign points for everyone, because I aggressively said, that if MY work will enable everyone to get the best grade, then I refuse to present it. I was allowed to do that, everyone got the lowest grade just to pass subject, I got the highest. They cannot even cope with getting a scholarship around me as I control everything.

Being selfish works only if you are seriously above others and can harm them. How can they harm me? I don't make social mistakes because I don't interact, I do my work and I could even fail them, but that would put some extra effort on me, which I don't have time for.

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Ah sure status via actual power (the superior form of status) works too, incels have a chance there

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Every single time I hear someone say this it's just an excuse to justify treating others unfairly. I wouldn't say it only comes from the winners, but I hear them say it more often.

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blacks are the real jews. i know the fake jews secretly worship satan for a fact.

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saying blacks are jewish is more insulting to blacks than calling them then n word

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I'd take khazar milkers any day over Big Black Booty

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honestly, rich whites cuck blacks, fake jews cuck everyone, but blacks cuck just about everyone too, so i fuckin hate niggers. even though they the real jews in the bible.

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blacks cuck noone bc jbw is law