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life is not fair. all my friends that went to trade school are driving bmw's and sports cars and living alone in sweet apartments. im in college working on two degrees driving my uncle's car with no cash in the bank and gaymaxxing because i can't get at LEAST a moderately skinny woman.

sucks to be black, black people dont have jack shit.

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working on two degrees

This sounds like your own fault, why would you do this?

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The blackpill destroys motivation.

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true. the only thing the losers can do is band together and overthrow the system, but even when that happens there are just new winners to replace the old. the smartest thing to do is cope and ldar.

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if there were a new system created by incels it would have arranged marriage, so we could ascend.

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join the taliban. As an westerner you will either die very fast or they'll keep you as a trophy and marry you off

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Yes. its astounding to me that this has to be said to some people, but the people who hand our companionship (foids) arent perfectly fair, and they dont hand it out based on whats moral. they hand it out based in their personal, and shortsighted interest.

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reading is for nerds anyway

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I remember arguing a simplified in school when I was young and the teacher insisting that everybody suffers the same due to people accustoming to their normal levels.

By now, I am now convinced that the studies that are always cited for this have to be flawed in some way, there is no way in hell chad struggles as much as incel psychologically