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I was once in a Discord server frequented by a small group of users who had drifted entirely off-topic. One of them was a serious incel and everyone was trying to reason with him and whatnot. He wasn't exactly well-liked, but he wasn't banned either, and that worked for all of us except we were never able to help him.

In the end allthefoxes or some other furry pedo employee somehow found out about it. Long story short every single one of us in that core group got our account disabled for "posting discriminatory or dehumanizing content", and the whole server was nuked for the same reason. Losing a Discord account is a very cruel and psychologically abusive punishment in some cases, because you're cut off from socializing. In fact you will most likely never see any of the friends had on Discord ever again. And we all received this punishment for merely being around an incel, without even being incels ourselves. Discord stands by their guilt by association policy, and if you try to get an account deletion reversed they just tell you to kill yourself or something like that (no really).

I've learned that it's a human instinct to weed out all threats to whatever tribe you belong to. That includes not only enemies, but also dissenters and non-conformists and non-NPCs, as well as those who are particularly weak or unfit such as incels, because they are a drain on the tribe's resources. In ancient cultures people killed their children if they thought they were too weak or different. On Discord, severing all your important bonds is as close as they can get to killing you. Likewise in the flesh, you are usually aliented and disadvantaged if you are deemed one of the undesirables. It's just the way nature works: it's mostly a luck-based game, and there are winners and losers. Ethical considerations are not given a single thought. The strongest get to do whatever they want and have amazing lives, and the weak suffer at every turn despite having less strength to deal with that suffering.

I am not an incel, but I can very much sympathize with the notion of bad genetics and luck. I know firsthand how "you can accomplish anything if you only work hard enough" is one of the hugest copes most people believe. The world is not a good place.