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Amen brother

Used to be me. I'd always say: "It's the women that are missing out, a super attractive girl is going to approach me one day and then I'll show everyone."

Never happened, the lies we tell ourselves.

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The correct way for an beta to live is to know his status, but never internalize it. Never think that because normies see you as lesser you are lesser.

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My take is that the blackpill is obvious but normies are incentivized to deny it. It's not abnormal for them to tell blatant lies for personal benefit.

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The blackpill never took root because it's bullshit. Go back to

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I see a stark difference between being a beta and being wise.

Are you shy or do you possess the wisdom of silence through caution?

It's wise to treat coworkers differently then those that don't pose a risk to your means of affording food.

It's wise to refrain conversation with strangers if you reside in an area with a high concentration of the mentally unstable.

Most see me as the quiet type. I have my own things to think about and it doesn't involve the typical normie bullshit conversation topics.