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I bet my ass many foids would "try to fix" Bin Laden given a chance. Meaning - giving themselves to rail and abuse.

Degeneracy of foids 101

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Perhaps but I'm not so sure tbh. Personality doesn't play as important of a role as height, but when it's something extreme like being the king of terrorists hated by the entire world then it definitely overrides it. I don't doubt some would love him, but most wouldn't in my (bluepilled) opinion.

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but when it's something extreme like being the king of terrorists hated by the entire world then it definitely overrides it

You sure?

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Low iq comparison tbh. He was far from "hated by the entire world". Go to reddit's r/fightporn, people literally worship anyone who wins a fight. They go as far as to assign the moral high ground to the winner 100% of the time. Not to mention females get horny for men who beat up others, not so much for islamic terrorists.

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Because they are not too percentile in looks. If Osama was white Chad, he would be worshipped. Either way, there would be se foids who would fix him.

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trump is 6,0. he was 6,4 as a younger man, And King George iii was 6,6

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"compensating" is a misandrist/ lookist meme that equates character flaws with uglyness. It is often used by the same people that get mad when you use female gendered insults like pussy or bitch

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    The women and therefore the left have perfected the art of gaslighting.. And sadly it's working. But you can't indefinitely act contrary to reality. See victoria secrets, they recently fired their (female) CEO that tried to pander to fatties. She realized that fat women are 60% of her customers so she swallowed the body-positivity (for women only jfc) pill and hired fat models.

    They should've hired a blackpiller, he could tell you from the beginning it's a bad idea. Ugly people are always undesirable, no amount of feminism can change it. They accept it for men, but not for foids.

    Women only buy lingery because they want to associate with the hot model. I think she tarnished the reputation of the brand long term.

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    This changes everything. Now we must support the invasion of Ukraine full tilt. Iraq is still wrong because most arabs are incels. Incellah brothers.

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    Osama was 6ft 5?