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you fucking cocksucker you're cashflow positive and you're sending to whores rather than your struggling brocels? I hope that latina eats you

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I'm trying to figure out how to pay off the $750 of porn

Theres thousands of hours of free porn paid for by advertisements of just about any flavor you can think of. This does not seem worth going in debt for

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it's not hand porn though. it's such a rush paying someone to get their nails done and getting cool pics. the only thing i've ever wanted in my life is a girlfriend I can hand $70 to, say get your nails done, and then actually touch her hands and nails and feel her nails against my skin.

I can't get that IRL so I pay a bunch of latinas with long nails to get their nails done and buy hand lotions and oils and shit. life is not good. Sometimes I have a moment where I go, "Huh, I just paid for her to get her nails done and I'll never touch her hands IRL. I literally just paid for her boyfriend to get his back or cock clawed while having sex or getting a handjob while I jerk off to pics."

But, I'm never going to touch a woman's nails so it doesn't matter. It's my drug of choice.

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I see, rather unfortunate to have such expensive taste in porn. I'll just count myself lucky I'm easy to satisfy with the free offerings on pornhub