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Yes, I watch everyday how brown women act. Brown women aren't brown until there's a need to be brown. It's everywhere. A brown woman hates when a brown man calls them indian or asian or latina and asks them about their culture. Then, they don't have time to be brown, they're just a normal person. But, when a white man wants to fetishize them, they're as brown as they can be. Latinas will act like all they eat is tacos and quesadillas, indian chicks will act like all they do is cook indian food and speak whatever shitty native dialect of bullshit-indu, asians will act like they're stereotypical nerds that only know math and shit.

Brown women are only brown when it's convenient to them and that's when they're about to escape brownism and claim a white man. Then they're all exotic 10/10 beauties that need to be treated like rare specimens of their breed. You see this on prostitution sites. A fat white girl is $200 an hour. A fat latina or brown chick is $800 per hour because they're claiming their nigger skin makes them exotic. Brown women are the shittiest, most subhuman race of scum that have ever existed. And they know it. A brown woman's biggest dream is to make sure her children aren't niggers. Brown women already know they're worthless, have nothing shitstains. A brown woman knows she's already nigger trash under white rule. Brown women want their children to be white because they know they've already lost. That's game for them.

Again, fuck all jews, niggers, sand niggers, wetbacks, spicks, faggots, and queers. If you're not white, you're nothing.

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Black prostitutes putting no blacks in the description always makes me chuckle. They probably shout BLM in their freetime