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Im exactly the opposite im a person who always talks in a monotone voice, and doesnt say more than is neccisary

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Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth...if that is all right with you... — The Sermon on the Mount also known as the Beatitudes——Blessed are the Cheesemakers...

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When I encounter these idiots, I either just walk away or make some lame excuse and then walk away. These guys are unbearable when they are methed up.

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Dynamics that you need to present to be considered a person from the dating pool are beyond my capabilities. It requires not just talking about mundane shit as if it was something interesting, but also it requires you to watch, do the most basic stuff and behave as if you were retarded.

Having slightly odd hobbies or interest is considered as something bad. Even in my job, which I like, no one gives a shit about coding as a hobby, whereas we code daily. Why? Because for them it's just a tool, to work and get money and then talk about expensive trips to Fuckvile. Fuxking gay world.

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Women are genetically wired to seek out the best male to mate with. In a community that would generally be the leader, or someone who shows leadership traits. A bombastic individual is generally loud and aggressive and forthright which are are characteristics that can be seen as leadership traits. Hence they are attractive as potential mates.

That doesn't mean that they actually ARE good mates, of course. But for a woman looking for someone to provide for and protect her and her children it's a good place to start. Certainly better than choosing a misfit or weakling. Though if your social standing in the community is low then those may be your only choices. This is why social status in the tribe is so important and explains why niggers, for example, are so obsessed with clothing, jewelry, and other outward appearances of status.

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Chad will talk about how much he hates sand, and bitches will still love it

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Many of us learned in school the joke doesn't matter, it's who says it

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very true

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Lots of women want to date a guy who's just like a woman.

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Why, when did you last have a woman all you out?

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I don't get what you are saying. I obviously never had any connections with women whatsoever.

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I think she is, and she's so retarded that she's incoherent

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No, I mean I was just asking what does "just like a woman" means. Is it just longer version of "retarded"?

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ah, lol

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Nobody wants to hear boring details droned on about, but some people can make a trip to the supermarket sound fun. It's like being a story teller with shitty material, some can make it work anyways.